When Redecorating Your Home, Inspire Pizzazz by Using Fashionable Ceiling Fans with Lights

There are many ways to change the appearance of different rooms in your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, hang a new color of curtains, or reupholster the chairs and sofa. Take your decorating project one step further and you can choose a lovely ceiling fan with lights to give the room extra sparkle and pizzazz. Whether you want to make the fan the focal point of the room, or you prefer to install a unit that sits subtly in the background, there are certainly plenty of designs, styles and colors from which to choose.

Ceiling fans with lights provide two purposes in any home or office. They are functional accessories supplying illumination and air circulation, but they are also design elements in a specific space. The ceiling fixture might even be the showcase or centerpiece of the area depending on the mood, size and purpose of the room. For these two reasons, lighted fans come in a variety of styles including traditional, modern, contemporary and designer. Each style represents an individual theme and price range.

To choose the best illuminated fan for your room setting, first look at the type of lighting that you require or desire. Obviously, your gorgeous sun room will look better with a grander ceiling fan than the kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom ceiling fans have more functional roles to play than other fans in the home. Also, if you are installing a ceiling fan with lights in the nursery, you probably do not want bright lights that might upset the baby or toddler. Something warm and inviting is more conducive to a happy child.

When selecting a ceiling fitting for the garage, the type of fan and lighting will depend on the weather in your area and also the size of the garage. If, for example, the area is used as a workshop, the fan should be powerful enough to withstand sawdust and dirt blowing around. The lighting will be bright and the fixture should have several large bulbs. On the other hand, if your garage roof is prone to leaking, installing a fan could prove dangerous. Likewise, if the building is unheated, the fan may prove fruitless if you are trying to keep a little heat in the area in the winter time.

While many online stores now offer ceiling fans delivered right to your home, it is often difficult to get a good feel for the fan when all you see is a picture. The same is true of print catalogs. Your best scenario, when researching the right fan for your space, is to drive over to a physical store that displays ceiling fans with lights in their showroom. You can take your paint samples and cloth swatches with you in order to select the proper colors. Also, be sure to take excellent measurements before leaving home, so that you can compare the actual blade span (width) with your own calculations.

Nowadays, because illuminated ceiling fans are so popular, manufacturers sometimes package a pair of fans in the same box for a small discount. So, for instance, if you have two children and each one has her own room, the fans would be the same, but you benefit from the reduced price by buying a set. Likewise, if you are building a new home, the contractor may be able to work out a special deal with the supplier for bulk purchases.

For the luxury seeker, there are certain manufacturers that offer custom orders. Needless to say these fans will be quite expensive, but cost is all relative depending on the size of home or office that you are building. Many ballroom chandeliers dazzle with their sparking custom-cut crystals and gems. These fans are certainly more about the wow factor in the lighting and accessories than they are about air circulation, humidity or the like.

Today, energy efficiency is important, not only to preserve the world’s resources, but also to reduce your monthly spending on electricity. Again, do yourself the favor before you go shopping, and determine what wattage and what type of light bulb would be the best to help you save money both in the short and long terms. Interestingly, a new ceiling fan called the Haiku was recently released, and the company that created it claims that it is the quietest fan on the market, it reduces energy use by eighty percent, and its composition is sustainable. Truly, this sounds like the type of ceiling fan that will become the standard in the near future.

One final comment. What is most exciting about choosing a ceiling fan with lights is the price. Fans are very affordable today, and most retailers run special sales. Wherein the old days, you bought something that was not very nice looking, today, you are sure to find exactly the style and color to match your newly decorated room at the perfect price that meets your budget.

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