Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

For more than one hundred and twenty five years people all over the world have trusted Westinghouse products for their homes and businesses. Their commitment to providing only the most reliable, highest quality products at affordable prices makes Westinghouse one of the leaders in the lighting and ceiling fan industry.

George Westinghouse was one of the most prolific inventors of his time. With over 400 patents to his name, he’s best known for his use of alternating current (AC) instead of the direct current (DC) systems preferred by Thomas Edison. Because alternating current was much safer than direct current, Westinghouse was instrumental in bringing electricity into homes across America.

The company stopped producing ceiling fans in the early 1950s, but as more and more homeowners are discovering the cost savings and energy savings associated with ceiling fans they’re becoming popular fixtures in homes all over the world. Westinghouse has moved to the forefront again and currently manufactures more than 60 designs.

What Sets Westinghouse Fans Apart?

Unlike most ceiling fan manufacturers, Westinghouse manufactures fans for any size room in your home or office. Their 2-blade fans are ideal for dressing rooms, breakfast nooks, or smaller rooms where a much larger fan might not be appropriate. They also offer 3-, 4-, and 5- blade fans for larger rooms. And for today’s modern vaulted-ceiling great rooms, Westinghouse also has a 6-blade fan that’s powerful enough to provide comfortable air circulation throughout the room.

Westinghouse offers three mounting styles – the Hugger, for rooms with lower ceilings, the Combo, which features a down rod with attractive collar to blend into your ceiling, and the Down Rod only for a more sleek, modern appearance.

You’ll also find an impressive array of fan sizes. Two-blade fans start at 24-inches, and diameters range all the way up to 52-inches. Choose exactly the size you need for each room. And Westinghouse has a large selection of fans that are appropriate for outdoor use so you can extend the use of your deck or patio during the hot summer months.

Westinghouse offers remote control options, too, using either a hand-held remote or wall mount remotes that slide or rotate. No more dragging out the ladder or reaching above your head when you want to turn the fan on or off. All fans are also reversible, which means you can use them to cool your house in the summer then reverse the direction to help circulate warm air in the winter.

And let’s not forget customization. With more than two dozen different light fixtures and an assortment of different lighting styles you can easily create just the right look for any décor, from contemporary to traditional.

Perhaps the most attractive feature, especially for Do-It-Yourself homeowners, is the InstaLoc Technology. Instead of needing an extra pair of hands and a lot of complicated tools, Westinghouse fans come in pre-assembled kits. Simply install a bar, then lift the fan into place and twist.

Many of Westinghouse’s fans are Energy Star rated and built to move up to 15 percent more air than other similar fans. Their commitment to excellence means that each fan is built to last a lifetime.

Westinghouse enjoys worldwide name recognition and their products have been the number one choice for homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners for decades.

Where To Buy Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Purchase Westinghouse ceiling fans at Home Depot or other area home improvement stores. You’ll also find them at you local lighting and furniture stores.

Shop online for Westinghouse fans at websites like DelmarFans.com, Budget Lighting, and LightingCatalog.com. You may also find them at Amazon and Ebay, but be sure to check that all warranty information is included and make sure you check their shipping and handling charges and procedures.

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  1. Wow with all the westinghouse appliances I have had in the kitchen, it never dawned on me they sold ceiling fans two. We’r going through a heat wave and I want a fan in my bedroom so bad. Didn’t know where to start when choosing one so keep putting it off. Going down to the hardware store now and asking directly for westinghouse.

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