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An ​​area for the use of vortex flowmeters is in compressed air applications. Nearly every production plant has a compressed air network but only rarely those networks are adapted to reflect actual consumption rates.

The shown example in this video is from a beverage producer.

In view of rising energy and production costs the company decided to implement improved and greater monitoring of the compressed air network.

A fundamental aspect to reduce costs in the long term for the company lay in the monitoring of compressed air consumption of individual plants. The drinks producer also wanted to monitor the efficiency of the compressor by determining the air delivery volume. Furthermore, inefficient air distribution and air pressure losses due to leaks needed to be visualised. In this context, the company planned to invest in a flow measurement solution to achieve these measuring objectives.

Several vortex flowmeters were calibrated to standard conditions and used to monitor the compressed air network and the connected consumers. The measuring devices are used in the supply lines of individual plants, such as beverage filling to monitor the consumption.

In addition, directly behind the compressor, a measurement of the air delivery volume and the FAD value (free air delivery) is carried out in order to monitor the efficiency of the compressor.

To determine the FAD value, the flowrate, the operating temperature and the operating pressure at the compressor outlet side is measured. In addition, the meter requires externally derived values ​​for ambient temperature and pressure at the compressor suction side, the actual motor speed and the relative humidity at the intake and and outlet side. These values are programmed in the vortex flowmeter.

The FAD functionality of the vortex flowmeter calculates the air delivery under these real operating conditions at the outlet side to standardized conditions.

If the FAD value falls, this indicates a lack of energy efficiency of the compressor, which can be caused, for example, by an incorrect oil or air filter.

The vortex flow measurement solution has several advantages for the beverage producer:
It helps the user create consumption profiles of individual plants. The beverage producer also benefits from a very cost-effective measurement of the FAD value of its compressor.

Necessary maintenance of the compressor can therefore be scheduled and carried out based on actual requirements.
Vortex flow measurement also enables effective leak detection in the compressed air network. The fact that all leaks can be eliminated, the drinks manufacturer can reduce the runtime of the compressor and the auxiliary compressor must be used only rarely if at all.

The drinks manufacturer can also now visualise any unfavourable distribution of compressed air quickly. By optimising the air distribution the problem is often solved quickly and without replacement of the compressor. In the best case scenario, the pressure at the compressor can even be reduced.

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