Three Quick Ceiling Fan Tips Everyone Always Forgets

They say it only takes 21 days to develop a bad habit, so it should only take 21 days to establish a good habit, right?  You know how it is with ceiling fans – after a while you forget they’re up there.  Those little memory lapses can cause a few problems, though.  Nothing major, but why not nip it in the bud right now?  Here are three quick tips to refresh you memory – and your ceiling fans.

 Change Direction

Most ceiling fan manufacturers follow the same code:  Clockwise for summer, counter-clockwise for winter.  If your fan reverses then you’ll either find a small button somewhere near the motor housing or you’ll have an extra pull switch.  You may also have a control switch on the wall.

However, it’s not always necessary to reverse the direction of your fan when the seasons change.  If you’re lucky enough to have just the right fan in just the right location in your just-the-right-size room then you’ll never have to reverse the blades.  With the perfect conditions your fan will keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

In other words:  Go ahead and reverse the blades but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself – and your fan – and leave them alone for a while to see if you get even better results.

Turn It Off When You Leave The Room

In general, ceiling fans don’t change the air temperature so there’s really no reason to leave them running when you leave the room.  This is their key money-saving feature.  However, in some cases, it actually helps your energy bills to leave that fan running all the time, whether you’re in the room or not.

If one your rooms is exposed to heavy sunlight all day long that room is always going to be warmer than you’d like.  And if that’s the room where your thermostat is located then it will throw off the temperature in your whole house.  Leave the ceiling fan running all the time in that room and keep that cool air from your air conditioner circulating as much as possible.

Clean It With A Pillow Case

Cleaning the blades with a pillow case is a really neat trick.  Simply spray your favorite liquid cleanser inside the pillowcase, slip it over the blade, and pull of the dust and grime.  Everything stays inside the pillowcase for easy clean-up and you don’t end up with dust all over the furniture, your clothes and in your hair.

This is a great tip if you’re the type who always forgets to clean your fan until it’s literally covered in dust and grime.  But if you regularly clean your blades, say, every week when you do your other housework, then it’s really no big deal.

Grab a Swiffer or one of the new ceiling fan brushes that act as dust magnets, or even the brush on your vacuum cleaner and have at it.  If you clean your ceiling fan frequently and regularly it only takes no-mess, no-fuss minute and the job is done and dusted!

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