The top manufacturers of electric fans

Many people still use electric fans instead of, and in addition to, their central air conditioning.

Some, simply, because there are financial and location restrictions on installing the A/C unit and others because they love the look of the newer fans. Today, electric fans are more fashion statements than anything else. Historically, they served a function and much needed purpose. Now, however, many designers integrate fans into the décor to make the area more appealing and to give the space more depth. Regardless of your reason for purchasing an electric fan, there is, no doubt, plenty of selection and a variety of manufacturers from which to choose. As a result, I have compiled a list of the top seven manufacturers of electric fans.

Of course, one of the oldest companies is General Electric. The original brass fan from more than one-hundred years ago is still being found at garage sales and in private collections. Although they had simple designs, they are now highly-sought after, as they look gorgeous with the written scroll GE lettering on the front. With three speeds and an oscillator, restored models have gone for as high as $500 on auction. Today, the company has a wide selection of ceiling fans, floor fans, reversible window fans, box fans and oscillating fans. Prices range from about $15 upwards to $1000 depending on what you are looking for.

Another mainstay in electric fan companies is Westinghouse. Because the manufacturer is so old, they too, have various fans that are considered antique and quite coveted because of their age and quality. The company’s older fans are so popular that they have even replicated the originals for today’s market. Although the originals, in good restored condition, fetch a nice price, the newer electric fans in the art deco genre are selling at around $400-$500 brand new.

Dating back to the same era, the original Hunter Fan Company was the first to produce a water-driven fan which was known the world over. Many people nowadays know the name for ceiling fans, but they still manufacture desk fans, pedestal fans, and exhaust fans. They continue to innovate and now offer the “Five Minute Ceiling Fan”, the “Concert Breeze”, the fan with an audio system, as well as a selection of portable collector fans in metal and fancy fans to match the bathroom. The brand is also popular for both its air purifiers and air conditioners.

The fourth electric fan manufacturer that comes to mind is Emerson, also boasting over a hundred years in business. The company was built upon reliability and quality and they seem to maintain the same standards today. Although the initial focus of the company was switching equipment for the railways, they quickly devised and patented a technology for a brush-type fan motor. This lead to the success of the desk fan, as it was somewhat portable and the average person could afford the unit. In the beginning, the company mandate was to further advance the performance, and of course, build the best in quality, but today, they also strive to make decorative and sharp-looking fans for the home and office.

With over fifty years of experience, Seabreeze Electric Corporation has been making portable electric fans that far exceed government safety regulations. For example, they produced the first “childproof” pulse action cooling fan named the “Cool Sweep™” for the North American market. Their “Turbo-Aire™” brand is synonymous with quality and durability.

Most people know Honeywell for their thermostats. But, they also produce floor fans, tower fans, stand fans, oscillating table fans, and multi-speed TurboForce® fans. While their electric fans are considered top quality, their prices are inexpensive ranging from $20-$60. Several have the removable grill for convenient cleaning and they can also be wall-mounted so that they are out of the way to save space. Finally, the company is known for manufacturing fans that are quiet, as found in the QuietSet™ technology in addition to being energy efficient.

In recent years, about forty years ago, a startup in Taiwan, called Air Monster®, began exporting its pedestal fans, high velocity metal fans, and table fans to the West. While the manufacturing plant is in Hong Kong, they now have an office in Los Angeles, CA.

Lastly, it is normal practice for companies to brand one name, but the parts are actually made from another manufacturer. So, you may see other fans in the marketplace that have lesser known names, but if you read the specifications, you will find that the patented pieces or the crucial parts are made from the best electric fan manufacturers.

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