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The top five manufacturers of air conditioning units

All new homes are built with central air conditioning today. It is much easier and cheaper to add the unit immediately in the building stages, plus many home buyers are not interested in purchasing something new to find out they have to install what they consider a necessity. There is not a huge selection of manufacturers from which to choose, but those that are in business have been around for ions and offer quality and reliability. In this section, I am going to highlight the top five manufacturers of air conditioning units.

Probably, by far, the largest and best known company that produces central air conditioners is Carrier. Not only do they supply new homes and after-market installations, they are huge in the commercial refrigeration field, too. In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier, the Father of Air Conditioning, invented or produced the first air conditioner. He realized that in order to cool the air down, he needed water to mix with the existing humidity to create a fog which would in turn condition the air to a normal state. So powerful was his discovery that he immediately set to successfully establishing a network of dealers and distribution all over the world. Though he died in 1950, the company still strives to evolve in energy efficiencies, personal comfort, and improved productivity. If you look at today’s models of air conditioners, they are substantially smaller and quieter than the originals, thus, requiring less space for installation and storage.

Running neck and neck in popularity, Lennox, founded in 1895, is the other brand that everyone instantly recognizes. When the company first started, it was known for furnaces, as the founder Dave Lennox produced the first riveted-steel furnace. The company, under new ownership, continues to take innovative steps in regards to residential heating. By 1952, they launched an air conditioning unit for homes. In 1978, they become the first manufacturer to produce electronically-controlled air conditioners and also solar-powered A/C units. Through the years, they have bought out many other name brand companies that also supplied central air conditioners.

Another brand that has been in the marketplace since 1982 is Goodman®. Although lesser known in name, if you look at many homes with after-market installations, you will note the red logo with white lettering on their air conditioning units in the yard. With a large dealer network, many distributors offer discounts and rebates for purchasing the brand. When Harold V. Goodman founded the company, he chose to produce with the lowest possible overhead, superior quality in workmanship, and cheaper prices than the rest. He was also interested in having the best warranties in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) industry, and thus, built a very large and sprawling business.

Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded in 1920 by two brothers, but they did not begin selling air conditioning units until the late 1940s, early 1950s. Their manufacturing plants are situated in the US with distribution in  Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and Singapore. Their logo is readily seen on sales trucks, but many people do not necessarily think air conditioning when they hear the name. Still, the company is a global supplier in residential, commercial and industrial cooling.

Finally, Samsung has achieved some pertinent milestones in efficiencies and capacity. In addition to central air units for the home, they also have a selection of window air conditioners and a large division for commercial enterprises. The company is better known publicly for their electronics and has been a quality manufacturer for over seventy years.

As a last note, if you are looking for a window A/C, some of the names that will be familiar are Frigidaire, Danby, Friedrich, Frost King, Whirlpool, Garrison and Gree.

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