The Pros And Cons Of A Ceiling Fan With A Heater

When you think of ceiling fans you typically think of them as an elegant fixture that provides a cooling breeze in the Summertime, making any room feel like a little tropical paradise.  They also help to warm you in the Wintertime, pulling that warm air down from the ceiling and circulating it throughout the room.  But what about a fan with a heater?  Wouldn’t that be an even better solution to your heating problems? (More information here on the best ceiling fan brands.)

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans with Heaters

Let’s face it, some homes just feel cold and drafty no matter what you do.  Those sky high cathedral ceilings or mile-wide picture windows are wonderful in the summer when you want everything to feel light and airy.  But in the winter you want to feel snug as a bug in a rug.

Ceiling fans help warm your room in the winter by forcing the warm air down from the ceiling and circulating it throughout the room.  However, during all the swirling and circulating the warm air is mixing with the cooler air in the room.  That air might be at 72 degrees when it comes out of your heating vent, but by the time it reaches your skin it’s quite a bit cooler.

A ceiling fan with a heater helps heat that circulating air so it doesn’t lose its warmth as it moves through the room.  Your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the room temperature and you’ll feel much cozier.

A ceiling fan heater is also much safer for your home and family.  If you currently use some type of space heater then you already know about the dangers involved.  Children and pets racing through the room can get seriously burned or even knock the unit over and cause a fire.  Not to mention the fact that you have the constant worry of gas fumes or frayed wiring.

The Cons of Ceiling Fans With Heaters

On the downside, having a heater in your fan does increase your electric bill.  Obviously, it’s going to require additional power.  However, it’s still less than you’d spend if you turned up your thermostat.  You only use a ceiling fan when you’re in the room, whereas your furnace runs constantly, whether you’re in the room or not.

There’s also the additional expense involved when you purchase the heater.  In some cases you might be able to purchase a space heater or kerosene heater for less.  However, with a kerosene heater you’re always going to have an additional fuel expense, and the constant worry of fumes.  And with a space heater you’re also going to have additional power usage, on top of the safety issues.

Even if you have a brand new home built with all the latest energy-saving features, you’re still going to have at least one room that just never feels comfortable.  A ceiling fan with a heater is the safest, most cost effective way to warm your room and make everyone feel warm and cozy.

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