Tankless Water Heater 3 Things to Know

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“Risinger Goes Rogue” on tankless water heaters. Here are some tips you need to know about them before you install.

Assemble your own kit for flushing out your Tankless with these parts. Pump
Hose Kit and any 5 Gallon Bucket

29 thoughts on “Tankless Water Heater 3 Things to Know

  1. Electrical failure renders the tankless water heater worthless? What gives? When I was stationed in Europe the tankless water heaters were not only tankless, they were wireless. And, they worked flawless. You mean to tell me European technology is smarter and better than American engeering? Yeah, I believe so. We couldn't make a decent working yo-yo if we tried.

  2. Tankless boiler and water heaters require way more service and maintenance. There good at the beginning. Cost a lot more money in the long run. I've been a plumber more than 20 yrs. I know…

  3. I'm looking for a recommendation. I have tried Googling and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm hoping you can help.

    I need a propane on-demand water heater that doesn't regulate temperature by Flo rate. Basically I wanted to regulate the temperature like many of the electric units do. I have an existing unit at the house and we can never get the water temperature correct without it shutting down the heater dude flow rate being too low.

  4. Matt thank you for such a great and informative video. I was just called this morning that the traditional unit which is a GE has a problem and the part cannot be found in Maryland. So I'm considering installing a
    tankless water heater. It would have to be mounted in the utility closet, but I think the pipes would have to be wrapped well to prevent freezing.
    Great video!

  5. Also, he did not tell you it takes about 1 minute of running before you get hot water I'm in Mass. and I have a well in the winter about 1.5 m8nutes before any hot water, and it is in the basement. That is another drawback.expecily if you're on town water with sewage.

  6. looking to build out a camper van with a 25 gallon water tank looking to supply hot water to 1 sink.. was wondering what would be better a small tank water heater or a tankless?

  7. Matt, you're wrong about lack of hot water when power is lost. Since tankless are plug in units, simply using a small portable generator of around 1kw or less is enough to power a tankless unit. My Navien NCE 240E condensing combo dhw and boiler uses 200 watts so a small generator is fine for power outages. As long as water pressure is available, I can use a generator when power is lost and all the hot water I need. So you're argument is based on false information.

  8. I've had one for 10 years, propane powered, installed in old heater closet, we love it, I'd never go back to an old fashion heater.

  9. I have been using a Titan N-120 equivalent electric model through my softener at my house for 15 years with no problems or maintenance. It is on a 60 amp breaker that never trips. The only down side is the lights flicker when the heater is one. Also, been using a chinese propane powered unit at my cabin for 10 years with no problems or maintenance. Sill using the same D batteries for spark, unbelievable. Each unit cost about $225

  10. I bought the cheapest tankless propane water heater I could find. I save about 80 gallons of propane a year, so it paid for itself already. But, it sprung a leak in the copper tubing, but. Think I can fix it. Anyway, three controls, you can set the max water flow so the water doesn’t get cold if you’re taking a shower and someone runs a sink. The flow is slower, though. You can set the propane fire rate, which sets the water temperature. This is a touchy control. You have to turn it down in the summer. And, there is a Winter/Summer switch, that kind of does the same thing. What I don’t like is if I find the water too warm, turning the flow down makes it hotter. Much hotter!
    Question: Is there any model that ‘feels’ the water temperature and adjusts the fire rate to compensate? 2 gpm is fine. The one I gave takes 2 D batteries for the ignition. I haven’t had to change them in the three years I’ve had this one. Marey, I think.

  11. Had mine since 2004. I have hard water and had it flushed once in 2018. The serviceman said it was remarkably clean. I would buy another one in a a heartbeat

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