Mooka GreenTotem Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Mooka GreenTotem Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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✔ [IMPORTANT] TIP FOR MOOKA HUMIDIFIER LEAKING PROBLEM – Some humifiders in our previous batches may leak, and we have already made progress on 2019 upgrade version. There are very few old version products in the inventory. If you receive a leak humidifier, please contact us. We promise you will get a new replacement as our sincere apology.
✔ AIR HUMIDIFIER WITH ADVANCED TOP FILLING DESIGN – Add water from the top directly or put forward the water tank to add water, which is easy to clean and can avoid water leaking effectively. With Mooka humidifier, you can easily refill and clean the cool mist humidifier from the top to avoid mold and bacteria problem.
✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONS COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER – 4L 1.06gal capacity provides long-lasting mist for 15 – 20 hours, max 300ml/hr mist output covers a 225-440ft² room. It has real time humidity, 3 adjustable mist levels, sleep mode, auto shut-off, timer and anion function with a low noise level 35db.
✔ ULTRASONIC COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER – Ultrasonic humidifier uses ceramic vibrating diaphragm to create water droplets in the form of a cool fog inhalant, and its fan delivers a light breeze to your immediate surroundings, perfect for table top office desk or baby room.
✔ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GAURANTEE AND 3 YEAR WARRANTY – You will get Mooka air humidifier, cleaning brush and user manual in the box. Use Mooka GreenTotem air humidifier with pride and confidence, we offer 30 days Money Back and 3-year warranty.

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Redvive Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy 300mL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser

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Redvive Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy 300mL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser
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Adjustable two mist settings:continuously and intermittently,Whisper-quiet operation won’t interfere with your sleep,Relief: Aroma therapy, relieve stress.
The 2nd generation produces more mist than old version. An ideal way to add moist, comfortable air to small bedrooms, hotel rooms, tabletops and even workplace cubicles.
Please use 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity, Ultrasonic aroma essential oil diffuse is safe and does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients.
Outlet shouldn’t be inserted cord that exceeds the maximum voltage.Fight back against dry air. This stylish cool mist humidifier adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness and help with your dry chapped skin, chapped lips and dry sinuses. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a pleasant scent.
Before power on, make sure there is enough water in the tank, this product can not be turned on in the case of no water,dd water shall not exceed the water line, so as not to overflow, must ensure that there is enough water in the water tank.

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MELLER Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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MELLER Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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★HANDMADE 3D GLASS DIFFUSER: 7 color lights glow through a premium 3d glass cover. You can keep 14 colors changing or stay on one color.
★FIREWORK OIL DIFFUSER : Runs quietly and suitable compatible home, office, party, yoga, gym and bedroom. It is a cool mist humidifier or a diffuser when you add essential oil in it.
★FOUR TIMER SETTINGS, LASTS ON 4 HOURS: You can set the timer by pressing the left button 0.5 hour,1 hour,2 hours or 3 hours.100ml essential oil diffuser lasts on 4 hours and has a good output of mist. Fits room not larger than 15*15(ft).
★SECURE OPERATION : When the water tank is empty, it shut off automatically to ensure safety.
★SECURE OPERATION : When the water tank is empty, it shut off automatically to ensure safety.

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Firework Ultrasonic Humidifier

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It is not only an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser, but it will put on a firework show where ever you decide to place it! The Firework Ultrasonic Humidifier unites scientific innovation with contemporary design to create an essential oil diffuser that’s the perfect fit for your home, office, spa, bedroom or where ever it is you decide to place it we know you will love it!

Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems-Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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It is not fun trying to sleep with sinus problems. To get some real sleep, you need the best humidifier for sinus problems. Please click on the link for best prices and more information on the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier–

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Portable USB Ultrasonic Car Humidifier

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Portable USB Ultrasonic Car Humidifier
★ [3-in-1 Air Humidifier]: Unique innovative design, with LED night light humidifier + USB fan + colorful breathing light integrated multi-function diffuser, touch-button touch screen operation, easy switching, mute humidification, suitable for you Environment to create a better environment
★ [Powerful Humidification Function]: The principle of perfect air flow, high-frequency vibration atomization of micron water molecules plus USB fan design to accelerate the flow of air, it provides a superfine smooth mist, let the air flow humidification, Not only does it avoid dryness in the cold winter, it can also add ice cubes in the hot summer to moisturize your skin and environment
★ [Safe and Reliable]: USB charging, convenient and quick. When the water level is too low, the diffuser automatically turns off protection. Humidifier volume is 200ml, about 8H can be used. The fog reached 2 feet high and covered almost room space
★ [Wide Range of Uses]: 1, Humidification function: not only for humidification of the car humidifier, home, bedroom can be used to nourish the skin to achieve cosmetic results. 2, Nightlights: super bright LED lights, easily illuminate your room. 3, Fan: LED fan, increase air flow, make your environment more comfortable
★ [Packing + Service] – You will get: humidifier set and LED night light, USB fan; We provide complete after-sales and friendly customer service, Note:please read the instructions precautions carefully
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Ultrasonic Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifier

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Ultrasonic Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifier
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This diffuser fills your space with a lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tired day, perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors.
Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation – humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter months.
Aroma Diffuser Spark Your Kid’s Imagination with 7 Changing Mood Lights, each of which is adjustable between Bright and Dim modes, and could be set steady on. Great night light for young children scared of the dark at bedtime. Color including: Green, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Light blue, White.
Oil Diffuser Shuts Off Automatically When The Water Runs Out. Portable for Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room. Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from Aromatherapy healing.
Three Working Modes: Intermittent Mist(30 seconds on/30 seconds off), Continuous Mist, Lights only. Working Time: 3-4 hours in continuous mode, 6-8 hours in intermittent mode.
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