Cascade Tunnel Operations (HD)

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This video highlights daily operations at the East Portal of the 7.8 mile long Cascade Tunnel located in Byrne, WA, near the Stevens Pass Ski Area. This tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the western US and is used by Amtrak and freight trains. This tunnel replaced the Old Cascade Tunnel after the Wellington Disaster of March 1st 1910 and has an interesting history.

Mosen Ltd Developed the Ground Breaking Mojet Tunnel Ventilation System with ANSYS CFD

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Mosen Ltd., a leader in engineering consulting services, specializes in tunnel ventilation, fire safety engineering, risk management and tunnel safety.

Using ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, Mosen developed the reversable MoJet® tunnel ventilation system, which delivers up to 25 percent more in-tunnel thrust than other jet fans. ANSYS CFD optimized the shape of the nozzles, to direct the airstream away from the tunnel’s soffits and walls. This reduced surface friction, minimizing the Coandặ effect (the tendency of a fluid jet to remain attached to a convex surface) as a result. Simulation also helped reduce the number of fans (significantly lowering maintenance costs), sound pressure levels and system weight.

Tunnel Ventilation Simulation Using EQUA’s IDA Tunnel –

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Tunnel Ventilation Simulations are required to understand the ventilation system’s performance under normal, congestion as well as emergency operations. These simulation helps in sizing the ventilation equipments and predicting the effectiveness of the systems that directly effect the life safety aspects under emergency situations.

Schneider report about EastLink’s new tunnel ventilation on demand system

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EastLink’s new tunnel ventilation on demand system – one of the first in the world – has been awarded the 2018 ITS Australia National Industry Award. The new system has slashed electricity usage, reduced GHG emissions, and halved the audible noise from the ventilation system. It’s also contributed to GRESB awarding EastLink the top 5 Star sustainability rating for the third consecutive year and ranking EastLink #5 globally of 280 infrastructure entities.