Breaking News Today, GoFundMe to Refund All Money Raised For Border Wall

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GoFundMe to Refund All Money Raised For Border Wall

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What If We Covered Sahara Desert With Solar Panels?? Amazing Science, Science Today

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Have you ever seen something that makes your skin #tingle and for some unknown reason provides you with a sense of unbridled peace and happiness?

#Gears working in perfect #synchronization,
a cake frosted with absolute precision,
mouth-watering chocolate,
balls of fish and marbles rolling so smoothly it hurts.
Something that is just #satisfying?
Well, here’s exactly ten solid minutes of that feeling.
Get #satisfied!

06 Tips To Improve Your English Today! – Free English speaking tips.

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06 Tips To Improve Your English Today! – Free English speaking tips.

Stop making excuses about not having enough time to learn English. By making small changes on a daily basis; learning English will become a habit instead of a chore (or headache).

You don’t need to spend an hour or two each day to get better at speaking English. Try dedicating 5, 15, or 30 minutes a day to improving your English. If you really commit to practicing English every day you will get better at it. I promise!

1. Change the language on your phone and computer operation system to English.

Change the operating language on your phone and computer operation system to English. You can usually change the language under ‘settings’. Though it may be difficult to understand the first few days, you will learn new words in English without even realizing.

You could also change the operating system language from your native language to English on your computer, tablet or on any social media site that you use; such as Facebook or Twitter. Again you will learn new vocabulary in English instantly.

2. Read or watch the news in English articles

You may already watch or read the news on a daily basis; now try doing it in English. BBC, CNN or Google News. You will continue your “good’ habit of staying informed on what’s happening in the world and improve your English reading and/or listening at the same time.

3. Listen to Music in English and learn the lyrics.

Listening to music in English is great but do you struggle to understand all of the words that they are singing? Struggle no longer! You can find the lyrics of many songs on these two websites: A to Z Lyrics Universe, or you could search for the lyrics on google or your preferred search browser.

4. Write in a journal every day in English

Practice writing every day. Practicing English for five or ten minutes a day will help. Write about what you did each day in English or write a story. Don’t have any ideas? Check here –English writing prompts.

5. Speak in English with someone

Try to find someone to speak English with; whether it be a friend, family member or colleague from your work. The more you practice talking in English the better you will get at it. It will become more natural for you and you will start to feel less nervous when you have to speak English.

6. Watch children’s cartoons

Watching cartoons is a great activity for learning English. You will hear simple English and be able to see illustrations or animation of what they are talking about at the same time. Cartoons are often repetitive so you may hear some things more than once to help you improve you listening comprehension.

So, are you ready to stop making excuses and do something? Good! What action will you take today to learn English? Leave a message in the comments and let us know.

Thin and inexpensive: Organic Solar Cells | Tomorrow Today

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Scientists say solar cells made of transparent synthetics could provide energy in the future. You can see through them and they are flexible. Scientists in Dresden are working on what they call “organic solar cells” that they want to eventually market.
The aim is fascinating – but there are some technological fixes that need to happen first. Among the issues to be addressed are poor durability and low efficiency. Once those problems have been solved, the organic solar cells could come in the form of colored foils to be used on building facades, vehicles and perhaps even handbags and mobile phones.

The Best & Worst Oil Filter Made Today -13 Oil Filter Comparison

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I cut open 13 oil filters to compare who is the best. Five of the oil filters were for conventional oil and the other eight filters were for synthetic oil. These are the brands of oil filters I cut open: Mobile1, Fram, STP, K&N, Wix, Bosch, Mopar, Motorcraft, AC Delco, and Supertech. This is an Ultimate Oil Filter Challenge, conventional vs synthetic oil filters. This is the best oil filter comparison I have done. Remember an OEM filter is always recommended by the dealer.

Get Cashback on tools

Oil Filters

Oil Filter Cutter

Angle Grinder

Workshop Apron

Safety goggles

Full face protection

The camera’s used:

Pansonic G7

GoPro Hero7 Black

Who Makes The Best & Worst Oil Filter To Protect Your Engine – 13 Oil Filters Compared

Today News – Wi-Fi boosters, solar panels and USB ports: New recreational vehicles target millennia

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Today News – Wi-Fi boosters, solar panels and USB ports: New recreational vehicles target millennials

DENVER — RV dealers are hoping campers fitted with solar panels, USB ports and Wi-Fi signal boosters will entice younger buyers as the industry worries over slowing sales and higher prices from President Donald Trumps so-called trade war with China and Canada.People nowadays want all the comforts of home, said Jim Humble, president of Colorado-based Cousins RV dealership. All your campgrounds have Wi-Fi now, but if youre far away from the front, you want that signal booster.The RV industry has b…


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A Tucson’s BEST Heating and Air Conditioning [Call Us TODAY @ 520 208 6632] – Video

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Tucson’s BEST heating and air conditioning **–** call us today @ 520 208 6632 **–** We fix all major brands of heating and cooling equipment:

• central air conditioning repairs
• ductless cooling repairs
• whole home AC system installations
• ductless air conditioner installations
• 2nd opinions on new HVAC quotes

When searching for the right heating and air conditioning contractor in Tucson keep these important things in mind.

The time it takes an HVAC contractor to respond to your initial phone call or inquiry is usually a good indication how prompt they’ll be when it comes to your installation or service.

Any heating and cooling contractor in Tucson, who asks you to pay for a large portion of the work in advance or to pay only in cash, should make you skeptical.

How long has the HVAC repair contractor been in business? What kind of guarantees are offered?

The following are three (3) vital tips to help you find an air conditioning repair contractor in Tucson that’s right for you:

#1. Always make sure the contractor has a proper license and insurance in place before starting your work.

#2. A professional will always provide you with an itemized quote so you know exactly what products and services your HVAC service contractor plans to provide.

#3. Always ask if they have online testimonials or positive reviews they could direct you to.

There’s more you should know about choosing the right AC repair contractor in Tucson, the information we provide could save you time and money… give us a call today:

Tucson Heating and Air Conditioning – 520 208 6632

Channel –

Visit our favorite business associates YouTube Channels in Tucson, Arizona:

#1. Riteway Heating, Cooling & Plumbing —

#2. Perry Heating and Cooling, Inc. —

#3. Hamstra Heating and Cooling, Inc. –


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Dang now the rim joists need new insulation more than planned and lumber yard was sort of insulation now have to wait till next Friday. woo got to love it

Living in home while doing a complete home renovation and make over.
we bought this home to fix it up and its been a big learning experience.
I been a Journeyman carpenter for many years and never have seen such poor craftsmen work on building a home with many home remodels and home updates.
we keep finding more and more things that need to be fixed during are home renovation.
From all the insulation in the walls and ceilings.
All the poor electrically running though the house
the basement foundation that has no sump pump and the Block concert walls are bowed and a wet basement.
lots of mold though out the house.
Plumbing that leaks.
house windows that are not rated for cold weather.
the house siding that is falling off. the roof leaks.
the list goes on so when have time am going to start to post every home renovation and home do it yourself projects on this old house.
The goal for this year 2019 is to post a video on the home renovation to post daily videos to show you are home make over progress.
While we are doing all the demo and dirty home remodeling projects first and then going to frame new walls put in new insulation in walls ceilings new kitchen remodel new bathroom new deck new privacy fence new house siding new roof so much just simple to say a complete home make over a complete home remodel
The list goes on and on with what we are doing woo
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insulation in rim joist.
Owens Corning FOAMULAR 250 2 in. x 48 in. x 8 ft

FOAMULAR 250 Rigid Foam Insulation – Residential Insulation

Owens Corning R-19 EcoTouch PINK Unfaced Fiberglass Insulation

Akota bridge par Solar Panel kamgiri sharu 2019 | Spark Today News Vadodara

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અકોટા બ્રિજ પર સોલાર પેનલ લગાવવાની કામગીરીં શરૂ થશે…

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Be a part of Building Your Own Tiny Home Community! Get Your Spot Reserved Today!

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We need 30 people in 30 Days to develop YOUR Tiny Home Community! Be a part of building this Incredible Tiny Home community! 2 years free rent and the 3rd year your rent is only $200 a month! Contact Incredible Tiny Homes today to secure your spot in this great location.

For more information about this INCREDIBLE offer email us at [email protected] with your name and contact information and an ITH representative will contact you.

Details of the Community 30 Day Offer:
A total of a 3-year lease to include a piece of community property (estimated size to be 60’ x 60’) to place your tiny home or motor home on for a full 2 years, offering all utilities on site (you will be responsible for the utilities cost monthly), after the 2 years lot rent will be $200.00 a month plus utilities.

Randy Jones, owner/builder of Incredible Tiny Homes, and Amanda walk the future site of the Tiny Home Community.

Randy is also offering a 16′ Tiny Home for just $15K.

Interested in a Randy Jones Original Cottage Style Tiny Home For $15,000???? Just give us a call (423) 438-0111 or send an email to [email protected]

Randy Jones will only be building 30 of these home at this INCREDIBLE PRICE take advantage of this offer today to guarantee your one of the lucky 30! Count Down Begins Today (1/5/19) and goes for just 30 days (ends 2/5/19) so get your contract today and get in on this awesome deal!

Randy Jones Original Cottage Style Includes the Following:

• 8’ x 16’ Trailer w/ Vin # and Certificate of Origin
• Spray Foam Insulation
• Screen Door
• All Wood Exterior and Interior
• Hardwood Floors
• Kitchen sink and faucet
• 19-gallon electric water heater
• Butcher Block Countertop (unfinished)
• 1 Under the Counter Fridge (Black)
• Standard Residential Toilet
• Standard 36” Shower Stall
• Storage Loft above Bathroom and Kitchen

*Home is AS IS and is Randy Jones’ design. No Custom add-ons to this home. Any changes wanted by the customer to lighting fixtures or other home items can be switched out by the customer after the home has been delivered.

Phone Number given in video is incorrect please contact Incredible Tiny Homes at (423) 438-0111 or via email!

*Note Incredible Tiny Homes does not own the rights to any of the music in this video*
*Be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON because when Incredible Tiny Homes hit 100,000 Subscribers we are going to give away an Incredible Tiny Home!! (*note: must be 18 or older to win giveaway).
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Recorded: 01/05/2018