School District of Black River Falls – 2018 Energy Efficiency Project “Testimonial”

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In 2018, the School District of Black River Falls made a commitment to saving energy. They partnered with Upper 90 Energy to implement a district-wide Energy Efficiency project. The project consisted of LED Lighting, Building Envelope Improvements, Destratification Fans, and Retro-Commissioning.

The district also received one-time rebates from Black River Falls Municipal Utility, and Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, totaling over $50,000.

Business Rebate Testimonial – The Pet Station Country Club

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The Business Rebate Program helps commercial customers earn cash rebates for making energy-saving improvements to their existing facilities or building new facilities above state building code. Our rebates help offset the costs for upgrading or installing certain high-efficiency equipment, such as lighting, air conditioning, chillers and more. The Pet Station Country Club earned $9,000 for LED lighting and a high-efficiency HVAC system during construction. To learn more about how businesses like The Pet Station Country Club are investing in energy efficiency, visit

Window Upgrades – Customer Video Testimonial

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Whether you’re looking to update older windows, improve your home’s energy efficiency, or just replace a broken window trust the experts at BCI Exteriors.

Classic or contemporary, urban or rural—whatever your taste, we will help you find the perfect window to complement your home.

For more information about BCI Exteriors and our services, visit
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Why Dr. Energy Saver is THE BEST for Attic Insulation | Testimonial ft. Dry Guys

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These are the guys to go to when you need your attic insulated, and here’s why!

Dave Hoh’s Comfort & Energy Experts – Live Comfortably, and Efficiently!

Call: 1 844 656 9333
YouTube Channel:

Dry Guys Basement Systems, founded by Dan Gattuso in 1986, is well-known for its use of innovative, patented systems for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair. We do all things basementy!

BUT what if your BASEMENT isn’t the issue? Sometimes the problem lies in the attic. For those of you familiar with our company, we do not specialize in that part of your home- but we CAN recommend our friends at Dr. Energy Saver, who are part of our network, and abide by the same standards of quality, honesty, and hard work that we ourselves work so hard to maintain.

Dave Hoh is your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer if you live on the Jersey Shore. You can trust him with your attic! We have so much confidence in Dave and his company- Dave Hoh’s Comfort & Energy Experts, that our very own Dan Gattuso hired him for his attic issues, and here’s what he has to say:

“My name is Dan Gattuso, I’m from Woodstown, NJ in Salem County. I was having issues in my home trying to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I could do the warm that was fairly easy but cooling it down in the summer was hard. My wife if one drop of sweat comes down her face the world comes to an end so it was really important for me to maintain the proper temperature. I had tried a lot of things on my own but it really wasn’t enough. I knew I needed help.”

“I was familiar with Dr. Energy Saver because I am part of the Basement Systems Dealer Network and I met Dave Hoh at the School of Entrepreneurship. Dave really impressed me. He was close to me in the state and we became pretty good friends. I was telling him about the issues I was having in my home and he said I can help so I trusted him. It was probably the best decision I’ve made. The difference in my house is night and day.”

“His crew came in and did a lot of air sealing. I’m pretty familiar with my house and I thought I had probably stopped a lot of the leaks. I wasn’t even close. They found stuff that I didn’t even know existed which was really cool. They covered all my recessed lighting, my pull down attic steps. They insulated all of my duct-work, they connected a duct that had come disconnected over the years. They added blowing insulation. What a difference. Because they have the Dr. Energy Saver name I know they’re good products and I don’t have to worry about something going wrong. These are the best quality products that are on the market.”

“The first thing I noticed was the house was so much more quiet I mean literally I heard no road noise outside. The guys did the insulation in the late fall just as it started to get cold. My goal was to limit the amount of propane I used because I’m out in the country and I don’t have access to natural gas and I don’t like oil so I chose propane and I like to keep it to one tank a year. That was impossible before. This year we used less than six hundred gallons of propane where normally I use close to 1200 gallons. I can see the huge benefits. The air conditioner comes on as soon as the first 80 degree day, and I’ve noticed that it has been extremely comfortable. On these extreme hot days we’ve had it would be 80 degrees in my house even though the air conditioner was running non-stop. Now it’s at the temperature I set it.”

“My experience with the team was excellent. Very hard-working guys. They traveled quite a bit. They really could hustle and I know climbing through attics and crawl spaces is not the easiest work. They were on time, responsive, when I had a small concern it was taken care of immediately. Dave personally came down to my house for the estimate and he was great. The system he used was great, the presentation made sense. I’m familiar with a lot of this because I’m in the network. We’re a sister company and I was still impressed with the knowledge they had. The blower door test was really cool- to see all the places things were leaking amazed me. These guys go over and above to make sure your house is comfortable.”

“I would not hesitate to refer Dave and his company to anybody. That is a no-brainer. Whatever you spend you’re gonna wind up saving overtime anyway so why wouldn’t
you do that?”

“I knew I was going to see some improvement but I don’t know if this video can convey how big of a difference there is at my house. They really did a stellar job and it was more than they said it was going to be. Don’t hesitate. You have a quality company in DH Restorations. You have a quality product through Dr. Energy Saver. They’re going to do the job right. You are not going to be disappointed and you’ll be delighted as I am with the results.”

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Testimonial of GeneralAire 81 Drum Bypass Model and GeneralAire Humidifier Drum Sleeve

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GeneralAire 81-15 (2-Pack) Humidifier Drum Sleeve for GeneralAire 81 Humidifier, GeneralAire 81 24v Drum Bypass Model with Manual Control, Alpine Home Air, Repeat Customer, Knowable, Excellent Customer Service, Fast Shipping, Easy Filter Change

ZoomLock Contractor Testimonial – Coomes Air Conditioning & Heating

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Brian Behan of Coomes Air Conditioning & Heating provides his insights about using ZoomLock for their projects. The use of ZoomLock provides a faster, cleaner and safer installation. The new Parker ZoomLock flame-free fittings are specially designed to work without brazing, which automatically makes your job simpler and faster when joining copper tubes. Professionals who have used ZoomLock flame-free refrigerant fittings report their time and labor costs are typically reduced by 60% on average by eliminating the need for brazing. The biggest benefits are more productivity and increased profit.

For more information visit or talk to your local Sporlan Authorized Wholesaler or Parker Distributor.

Improved insulation makes floor warmer in this Binghamton, NY home | Customer Testimonial

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| 1-607-215-4787

This homeowner from Binghamton, NY had pipes in her kitchen that would freeze every winter. She also had cold floors in her home and a very poorly insulated garage. We recommended Spray Foam Insulation be installed in these areas in order to make her more comfortable and to protect her pipes from freezing. She was very pleased with the work that Foam It Insulation did and though the office staff and the production crew were both very polite and the home comfort advisor that came out to her home was very knowledgeable. She is more comfortable in the home now and looks forward to not having her pipes freeze this winter.

“The floor is much warmer, the garage is much warmer where the wall and ceiling were insulated, so I am very pleased.” – says Janet