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Don’t try this one at home folks. Go to sleep to a fan in the shower for 10 hours of a shower sound with fan sound combined with a black screen for white noise sleep !

All safety precautions were taken before filming this relaxing video! The fan was plugged into a circuit breaker, which was then plugged into a bathroom fault circuit breaker. The dual picture you see at the begging is from my go pro. I suctioned it to the top of the shower before starting the shoot. I think the overall sound came out amazing.


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Quick and Easy Diy Using Shower Curtains| Simple Upcycle Hacks!

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This is a Diy video that shows how I Transformed the look of an Old Chest into a an eye catching piece with Shower curtains! It is a Before and After Dresser transformation Diy using inexpensive materials all the way.

It is an Inexpensive yet suffisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that is personalized on a Budget.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor piece for the home.

Link for the large Bling Vase:

Here are the items used:
An old Dresser
White paint
Shower curtain
2 Trays from the Dollar Tree
Toy blocks from the Dollar Tree
Mirror Mosaic Tiles:

1” square mirrors:

Mosaic sheet mirror sticker tile:

Similar Drill gun:

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

Below are DIY Projects I compiled into Playlists For Different Categories:

DIY Wall Art Decor:

DIY Mirror:

Craft Ideas:

Wall Decor with Lighting:

DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor Crafts On a Budget:

Cheap DIY Center Pieces:

Glam Lightings:

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How to install shower surround tile backer board, durock or cement board – PART “1”

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🛀🏻 🚿🚽🚻 I am showing shower surround wall tile backerboard installation tips, how and where to start. Very important information !. WATCH IT BEFORE STARTING YOUR PROJECT ! ! !
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You will also see:
– where and how to start backer board installation
– Waterproofing shower
– How to prepare studs and shower walls
– Cutting tile backer board
– Very important verbal instructions

Bathroom ventilation in a van conversion. Toilet and shower diy fan ventilation system. RV air vent

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I finish my vantilation system for toilet and bathroom and it sucks! (in a good way). Did some air tests to be sure it works. Not yet tested in real life tho.

Links to products i use:

Turbine 12v fan –
Fan spped controller –
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How To Install A Modern Glass Shower Door Kit

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Tips and tricks to make your install easier. Installing a glass door system can be really straight forward.

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Upgrade Bathroom Fan – Reduce Shower Moisture

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After remodeling my bathroom with a shower six months ago, I noticed signs of moisture on the walls after. I decided to take a closer look at the exhaust fan. Upon further investigation, I determined the fan was ultimately under-powered. Time to upgrade and double the power!:)

If you see moisture on your bathroom walls, take a closer look at the fan. If the fan fails to pull air, consider replacing. If the fan pulls air, consider upgrading to a larger capacity.

Broan AR110:

NOTE: considering using a Romex clamp around the 18:45 mark in the video when feeding the wires through the hole, as this might be required by code in your location.

“Shower” Fan Video

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I love this video with my bestie💕💕

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