School Bus Build Episode 18: How to Insulate your Bus!

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I’m sorry for the long absence but as a surprise I’ve finished the outside completely and today I talk to you about how to insulate your bus!
Episode 17 :
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Tour of James’ Sweet School Bus Conversion, Roam Sweet Home – Skoolie Conversion

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We first spotted this school bus conversion, Roam Sweet Home, in a Quartzsite parking lot a day or two before our Two Meander Meetup started in December. We both noticed the bus in large part because of its paint job. Imagine our surprise when we saw the bus pulling in to Rice Ranch!

James (@Fritz Christian) attended our meetup and was kind enough to agree to both an interview and tour for this channel. In Part 1, published 1/28/19, Debra talked with James about his decision to live full-time in a skoolie conversion, as well as topics related to school bus conversions like insurance and maintenance. Now in Part 2 we are taking a tour of James’ beautiful, custom school bus conversion.

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2019 free energy electric generator experiment at home , DIY school science project

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Hello Everyone! This is video. I want to show you about:
2019 free energy electric generator experiment at home , DIY school science project

2019 free energy electric generator experiment at home , DIY school science project

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Should you stay in school?

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You decide you want to live the simple life and travel instead of getting a 9 to 5 job. Maybe you want to go cruising full time! There is no college major for “cruising” so why go to school?
In this video, Herby and Maddie talk about their thoughts on education and if it’s worth it if you want to live your life instead of work your life.

#millenial #lifestyle #education

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Explaining video for energy efficient system in Kyiv school

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Explaining video for a new energy efficient automatic system in school. 

The main savings were achieved by combining in the school two of the most energy-efficient systems – Thermal pump and integrated building management system, which, according to the schedule and with control of all factors, combines the management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire safety systems, and also controls fire safety and smoke exhaust system.

All Illustrations and motion graphics by me.

Pattonville High School Energy Efficiency Project

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This HVAC system upgrade work at Pattonville High School was part of Navitas’ $10.2 million energy conservation project with the Pattonville School District in Missouri. The work shown in the video took place during the school district’s December break, so no students or teachers were in the building during the lifts. This part of the project involved removing 32 HVAC units and installing 38 units, which equated to 70 tons of equipment. Special thanks to the guys with Integrated Facility Solutions (IFS), who did the HVAC unit install, and the folks with Midwest Helicopter Airways, who did the lifting. The crews performed 70 equipment lifts in 1-1/2 hours, which is an outstanding performance.