Winco Decorative Ceiling Fan | 1080p HD Remake

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Winco Decorative 38″ ceiling fan in polished brass. This new video shows the fan in much greater detail than the original, and also shows the cane side of the blades. The plain side is in far better condition than the cane which is why cane was not displayed the first time, but of course most collectors prefer the cane to be showing. This time around there is no light kit installed. I removed the fitter years ago and it hasn’t had a light on it since, so I decided to just stick with it that way for the video since I much prefer it without a light. This is a very powerful small fan. The motor, which fills nearly the entire motor housing, is probably optimized for at least a 42″ span and by today’s standards could probably handle a 48″ span. Overall the fan is in marginal condition, many blemishes in the finish in addition to the aforementioned blade condition issues, but it operates wonderfully with nothing more than a hint of wobble and is a prime example of a quality import fan.

Hunter Preference Ceiling Fan | 1080p HD Remake

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Hunter Preference 52″ ceiling fan in white/bright brass. This was never a Hunter model that appealed much to me until I got one, of course they’re particularly desirable in the weirder finishes, but these fans really epitomized an early concept of transitional design, before it was a style that even existed in the design world. A little classic, a little contemporary, a true meshing of styles that was really defined by the finish chosen. They’re good performers and quiet, as was the Hunter standard. This one originally came flush mounted, once again I put it on a downrod as it’s my preference. Unfortunately the original switch cap is missing, but I’ve just put screws into the holes for a more finished look. Also has a moderate wobble, but I balanced it pretty well for the video.

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