InSoFast answers how to insulate where the cinder block meets the sill plate

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I am looking to finish my basement this winter, and came across your product. “InSoFast” now with the tighter insulation requirements, Residential Requirements of the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, InSoFast answers how do I meet the continuous insulation code.

It looks like it will save me a lot of time and money verse the standard 2×4 installation. I have a question though, in my basement, where the cinder block meets the sill plate, there is either an indentation of about an inch or a slant. The floor joists overhead I have only 83″, the cinder block only goes up to 75″ where the slant starts and indents close to 3″.

We show you how to attach rigid foam to concrete. You should insulate your rim joist before installing the InSoFast Panels.

DO NOT use Fiberglass insulation to insulate your rim joist. It will not stop air infiltration or add R value around joist or under a bay window, the inexpensive cost of $100 for fiberglass is not worth the price.

How to insulate a cinder block wall after you lay the blocks and the mortar sets.

We created this studio where we can demonstrate how to install InSoFast.

Thermal Control Layer
The addition of InSoFast’s exterior rigid insulation can significantly improve the wall assembly thermal performance because it provides a continuous insulation layer that diminishes the impact of thermal bridges caused by framing.
Thermal bridging through framing components reduces envelope insulation performance by 15-20% in wood frame construction and by 40%-60% in metal frame construction
Continuous Insulation (Ci) is an insulation blanket around the exterior of the structure. Ci creates a thermal break between wall framing and the exterior conditions. Installing CI reduces energy loss caused by bridging over the thermal gaps at the wood or metal studs and other wall framing components. Additionally, InSoFast’s insulation on the exterior of wall framing reduces potential for moisture problems. InSoFast acts as a moisture barrier, so water that gets into the wall system is deflected or drained away. Next InSoFast when insulation is placed on the exterior of the wall structure, the dew point is moved outward reducing the potential for condensation on the warm side of the wall where building materials are more sensitive to rotting.
InSoFast’s ci systems integrates the following key features: continuous insulation (ci), an air/moisture barrier, drainage, capillary breaks, and a variety of finish options to create a superior, sustainable wall cladding. This high-performing, insulation panel saves energy and returns your investment for years to come. InSoFast ci improves indoor comfort and air quality and lowering life-cycle costs.
Advancements in energy efficiency requirements for homes has practically mandated continuous insulation as a thermally efficient means of code compliance for standard or higher levels of performance homes or dwellings.
The threat of moisture damage also is reduced
InSoFast’s advanced panel additionally to reducing heat loss and increasing the R-value of the wall system, the other benefits of putting insulation on the outside of your wall: Include reducing the chance for the moisture in the cavity (water vapor) to condense on the inside face of the sheathing, which happens when the sheathing temperature is below the dew point. This moisture can lead to mold and mildew, and can reduce the effectiveness of the cavity insulation and ultimately shorten the life of the wall through rot. You have to ask yourself, “Why not use InSoFast to prevent rot?”

Lasko Ceiling Fan (70s, ornate bottom plate, made in Japan, cane blades sold separately)

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Carbon Fiber Milling Plate

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In this video we make a fixture for milling carbon fiber if you don’t have a ventilation system for carbon fiber dust.

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Number Plate Designs | Modified Number plate models | Volume 01 | #xtremz

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VW Audi Seat Skoda Air Conditioning Compressor Pump Clutch Hub Plate Disc 5N0820803 Repair Fix Kit

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The Problem

It is a common fault on these air conditioning compressors for the bolt on the shear plate to loosen, causing the splines within the shear plate to wear leading to loss of air conditioning.

These air conditioning compressor pumps all suffer the same common fault. The bolt which retains the shear plate (attached to the drive pulley) to the pump shaft loosens over time. If spotted early the bolt can be seen unwinding itself, eventually it loosens completely and is lost. The pulley will continue to spin with the engine causing the splines within the shear plate to strip. Once this happens the air conditioning pump will no longer function and produce cold air as the pully can no longer drive the pump. Previously the only solution was to replace the complete compressor at vast expense. We now provide just the shear plate and bolts so you can repair your compressor and restore the A/C at a fraction of the price.

Symptoms of the fault

Symptoms include; no cold air from the air con system and or excess noise from the air conditioning compressor. When the system all appears OK – topped up, no leaks, all seems OK via VCDS logs it is worthwhile inspecting the bolt on the shear plate as this is likely the fault. You should be able to observe the bolt protruding from the compressor (if not yet lost) and the screw not turning despite the pully turning. This is a clear indication that the bolt and shear plate are damaged. Our kit will remedy this.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Our kit will repair these compressors with this fault:

5N0820803, 5N0820803A, 5N0820803E, 5K0820803A.

Please check the part number on your compressor before ordering, we cannot confirm with 100% certainty from vehicle make / model.

Will fit the Delphi compressor only.

Some models affected:


Leon, Altea.


Octavia, Fabia.

Volkswagen VW:

Golf MK 5 MK 6, Eos, Beetle, Caddy, Jetta, Toureg, Passat, Touran, Tiguan, Bora, Polo, Scirocco.


A1, A3.

Our solution

Fit our replacement shear plate and bolts and restore your air conditioning compressor to full output.

Our replacement shear plate is a direct replacement for the damaged OEM part. Simply remove the old shear plate and replace with ours, this can normally be done in situ (please check out our video and instructions for guidance) and restore full function to your air conditioning. We also include 4x replacement bolts so all components are included to restore cold air. Providing a massive saving over replacing the complete compressor. A very common fault resolved by our repair kit.

You will receive

1x shear plate

4x bolts

Available exclusively from X8R Ltd

DIY Wall Hanging Clay Plate Painting Techniques | Home Decor, How to make Decorative Wall Plates

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In Today’s video, I will share how you can decor a clay plate and convert it into a beautiful Wall decor project. If you want to decor your home then This hanging clay plate painting technique is the best idea for you. I think this Decorative Wall Plates will be a perfect gift for any occasion.
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The material we used:
1. Clay Plate
2. White Glue
3. Sand Paper
4. Paint Brushes
5. Pencils & Eraser
6. Acrylic Paint

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Beautiful DIY Home Decoration from Plastic Plate | Tree Decor Wall Hanging | Recycling Crafts

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Please watch: “Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich”
Love natural looking #DIYWallHangings? These #walldecor can be made using easy #bestoutofwaste materials lke plastic plate. We have such old plastic plates in our kitchen that we no longer use. We can put that best out of waste material to good use to make this DIY Wall Hanging

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In this diy video, we have made one such beautiful and natural looking tree shaped clay craft that is a DIY Wall Painting. This tree is made using Shilpkar clay and is painted using fevicryl colors. It is further decorated using artificial flowers.

Loved our easy best out of waste craft video? Why not make one such lovely DIY room decor for yourself? All the best.

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How to repair damage solar panels || How fix damage solar plate || Fix damage solar cell

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Its the 2nd part of last video, in the last video we have seen how much destroyed solar plate due to sand wind storm in lahore so now the time to fix it so watch till the end. Hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.

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Watch “Solar plate damage due to yesterday storm wind & sand

Solar Panel (Solar Plate) Repair In Urdu/Hindi

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In This Video I will Show You How To Solar Panal Repaire
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