MINI PC ITX BUILD – 6 CORE / 12 THREAD – i7 8700

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Built for music production

Cpu: I7 6 core 12 thread
Ram: 16 Gb ddr4 3000Mhz
Gpu: UHD 630
Storage: 512 Gb ssd Pci-e & 2 Tb hard drive
Psu: 80 plus gold 450W over 90% energy efficiency
Thunderbolt support
Original Apple BCM94360CS2 for Wi-Fi

E-MAIL: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: hhtailormadepc

Sursa Pc ATX calculator RPC 45000AB 450W Ventilator 12cm unboxing

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Putere sursa (W) 450
Numar ventilatoare 1 x 120 mm
Alimentare 230 V
Caracteristici speciale Cabluri 35cm lungime
Protectii OCP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OPP
Conectori 2 x SATA
1 x 20 + 4 pin ATX
1 x 4 pin ATX 12V
2 x 4pin Molex
Sursa modulara Nu
Format ATX 2.3
Rail 1
Altele Compatibila AMD / Intel, ATI / Nvidia
Cablu de alimentare 1.2m inclus
Dimensiuni (W x H x D mm) 150 x 86 x 139
Greutate (Kg) 0.7

Micro Grow: From seed to harvest (PC grow box) White Widow CBD movie FULL GROW GUIDE

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My last grow videos are not in my PC grow box anymore because i am now using the CNNBS G kit. But a PC micro grow is still one of the coolest way to grow. When i started with this setup a lot of people thought it would not work or it wouldnt be worth it. Well in this video i proove them wrong. I made some mistakes but i still managed to get a decent harvest. In this full micro grow video i will show you how i did that and what my mistakes were so you can do this even better!

The strain that i grow in this video is White Widow CBD. It has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio so a very high medicinal value. Because of the White Widow genetics this strain is very stable which makes it perfect for even the beginner grower. White Widow also has nice dark green leaves that look great.

I will tell you everything about the germination process to the grow and the flowering process. I will tell you how to use the CFL and LED lights because they both are used in a slightly different way. The sweet spot is essential with an LED grow while with CFL you can just place the light as close as possible to the plant. I will also mention everything about the dry and curing stage because thats a very important part.

Im an growing Autoflower (ruderalis) strains but you can also do the same with non autoflowers. The advantage of an autoflower is that you can give it the light schedule that you want the plant will grow and flower despite you switch it to 12-12.

These last weeks i havent been uploading that much because of school and just negative stuff in my personal life which im still experiencing. But i upgraded my PC and my camera so i can make even better content and this video is an example of that.

The LED grow systemyou see in this video:


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Grower PROBLEMS in the grow or flowering stage


Have a great day, Much love!

Free High Quality Live Wallpaper Software For Low End Windows PC – 2019

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Best Wallpaper Engine Alternative Software For Low End Windows PC – Free Live Wallpaper Software 2019

You don’t have high end windows pc but you want to use awesome live wallpapers. This is the solution for you. Hope you all like it.

Ghost eye wallpaper_Tanjim:

FeArea Live Wallpaper:

Late Night Live Wallpaper:

*** Credit goes to the creators of this software***

Elektronomia – Fire

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B016Z/dp/B06XPJYVF8 $899.00
High-performance mini PC with an Intel® Core™ i7, i5 , i3 processor, Windows 10 Home, DDR4 RAM, 4K UHD support, and triple storage up to one M.2 SSD and two 2.5-inch SSD/HDD, 802.11ac Wi-Fi.he ASUS VivoMini VC66 is a high-performance mini PC with a versatile modular design and full connectivity.
The VC66 takes processor-intensive tasks in stride, thanks to its desktop-grade 7th Generation Intel® Core™ (Kaby Lake) processor and DDR4 memory. There’s 4K UHD display support, and all-around connectivity with several video output ports for compatibility with various displays.
The VC66 can be specified with one M.2 SSD and two 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs, or with one 2.5-inch HDD/SSD and an optical disc drive. This flexibility means you can use the VC66 as a file server, a media editing platform, or simply as a mini PC for daily multitasking and entertainment.Powered by a desktop-grade 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor (Up to 4.2GHz), the ASUS VivoMini VC66 delivers the performance needed for processor-intensive tasks such as media editing or 3D modeling.The DDR4 2400MHz memory of the VivoMini VC66 offers 1.5x faster speeds and 20% better energy-efficiency, versus DDR3 1600MHz memory. This provides you with fast and efficient performance for daily multitask computing

Please watch: “How to Create and Use Macros in Microsoft Word 2k19, 16,13.,10,2k7”


Build Your Own PC: GXT 1110 Windowed Mid-Tower ATX PC Case

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The GXT 1110 is an elegant mid-tower gaming PC case with large window, perfect for showcasing your custom build! This case is designed for optimal airflow. The top surface features a large ventilation grate and removable magnetic dust filter. Included is a 120mm illuminated cooling fan with red LED lights. This and four more air cooling fans can be added to optimize the airflow in the case. For a DIY/AIO liquid cooling solution a 120 or 240 mm radiator can be installed. You can now go all-out in your games; your PC will function at full capacity throughout the day!

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