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Collapsible Folder Organizer:
Post-it Heart Dispenser:
Rug pad:
Acrylic chair:
Leopard pillow:
Ring light:

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box that sends you 4 100% pure essential oils, recipes, and all the DIY products to make the recipes they send you in the box. A lot of times companies will send me things and I choose not to share it because I don’t believe in the product. But this is definitely worth sharing. 13% of their profits goes towards organizations that help end human trafficking. You can also purchase single oils, blends, jewelry, and accessories from their website as well.

Essential Oils ::
Use my code LACIJANEFREE to get a Bonus Box AND a $20 Gift Card emailed to you after subscribing on your first essential oil recipe box (Subscription can be cancelled anytime)

You guys know by now how much I love Grove collaborative so I wanted to share with you guys some new products that I’ve been loving lately. They sent me 3 concentrates, a glass silicone spray bottle, and a caddy to try out. You twist off the top on the concentrates, empty it into the bottle and then fill the bottle with water. Shake it and use like you would any other cleaning spray. I used the all purpose spray on my stainless steel refrigerator and it left it looking SPOTLESS!

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* Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges
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* Grove walnut scrubber sponges
* New customers that spend $39 will receive all of the above AND a Grove Stoneware Tray (how cool!)


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DIY Science Experiments: How Insulation Works // Lesson 7 // Part 2

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Short easy projects that can be done at home!

**Download the FREE worksheet that goes with each lesson.**

Science is one of the most engaging ways for anyone to explore and understand the world around them. They learn to notice and understand the wonders of nature- and that is an awesome feeling. Each lesson has 2 parts:

1- The Project. A video that shows the student how to do a project to do that teaches a valuable scientific principle. BUT- the video cuts off before the result is given away and the student is given the opportunity try it out and make a guess about what will happen and why it happens. These “guesses” involve using the scientific method.

2- How it works. After the student has done the project and made a guess about how it works, they can watch part two and learn more about the principle.

These videos share my personal passion, wonder, and fascination with this world and how intricate the processes are that God created.

A full list of supplies will be outlined in the beginning, and, listed in each individual course.

DIY Skim Coat Wallpaper & Painting Walls (Part 1) -Drywall Repair & Wall Preparation

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DIY Skim Coat Wallpaper & Painting Walls (Part 1) -Drywall Repair & Wall Preparation

In this video I demonstrate how to Prepare Painted-Over Wallpaper and New drywall for Skim Coating, Priming/ Sealing(GARDZ) & Painting. I Also show you the techniques to cut out painted over wallpaper seams. Interior painting and drywall tips and techniques.

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Russ Olinatz guides you on How-to tips and demonstrations for Interior House Painting and Exterior Painting. I will show you Interior painting tips for dealing with Wallpaper Removal, Sheetrock Repairs, Skim Coating Tips and Techniques , Door Repair with Car Bondo, Deck Maintenance, Deck Sanding, Pressure Washing, Power Washing, Wood Staining, Mold Removal/Killing, Cabinet Painting, Caulking Tips, Smooth out textured Walls, Painting over Varnished Trim, Sheetrock Taping, Prepare and Paint New Crown Molding, How to Strain 5 Gallon paint, Ceiling Repair, Popcorn Ceiling Repair, Paint over Wallpaper, Chalkboard Paint, How to Mix Joint Compound, Paint a Stained Fiberglass Door, Drywall Taping, Interior Painting Cut-Ins, How to clean Roller Cover Sleeve, Nursery Painting, Home Improvement, Paint Accent Wall & Horizontal Stripes, Paint Hardwood Stairs, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, How to Paint a Room, How to paint a straight line, Taping Inside Corners, Fixing a Hump in the Wall, Caulk Windows and Door Casing, Stripping Sanding & Staining Deck, Spackle Nail & Screw holes

Air Filters In The Nuclear Age – Part II

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Mr. BestRest tests more motorcycle air filters to see how they perform. How do other paper filters stack up to an OEM paper filter? What works, what doesn’t? How do reusable foam and cloth filters compare to paper? Watch and see, you’ll be surprised. NOTE – Set your system on HIGH DEFINITION viewing (gear wheel icon on lower part of screen). If you don’t the charts will be fuzzy.

Metroid Fusion Walkthrough Part 2: Ventilation Invasion

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Get the critter ridder and fungicide because this place needs some lifeform fumigation! Specifically the parasitic invasion. I suppose I can just absorb a bunch in my body using my newfound immune system, but still… there’s way too many for me to keep up with!

I had some mysterious audio issues in parts 1 and 2 where the game sounds only come from one channel. But don’t worry, Part 3 until the end will sound correct as I figured it out and fixed it!


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My deviantART:
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(This video was made under “Fair Use”)

DIY Arduino PWM PC Fan Controller (Part 2) [Serial Control for Tuning] #0001

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1:38 I demo how I use serial communication to control the fan speeds live
3:31 I go over how the code works to make the magic happen

I lied. The third part will be the finished product. I thought the script that I wrote for tuning the fan speeds via serial console would be interesting enough for a video so I made this really quickly.

Once the fans are in the case, I’ll want to tune each fan’s speed individually, but that’s hard to do once the fans are mounted. I decided to write a sketch that lets me send commands via serial console to set each fan’s speed to whatever I want instantly, then output each fan’s set speed back to the serial console. Once the speeds are all perfect, I can record the settings and hardcode them into my final sketch for the actual control sketch.

The code for serial control (the one in this video):

Wiring diagram (final version):

If you’d prefer a real schematic, just let me know. I just know that half of the people who find this video will be people with no electronics background, and a wiring diagram would be easier to read than a schematic for those people.

The code (final version–this is not the serial control script in this video, this is the final sketch that runs the fan controller):

Parts used in this project:

Arduino Uno:
Solderless breadboard used in this video:
Arduino Proto Shield:
Momentary pushbutton with white LED ring:
140mm hyberborea PWM fan:
120mm hyberborea PWM fan:
4-pin PWM fan cable extensions:

Workbench hardware:

LED Workbench Lights:
Blue ESD mat with grounding kit:
Rigol DP832A Bench Power Supply used in this video:

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Bathroom Remodel DIY (Part 1: Preparation)

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It’s time for a master bathroom remodel and the first step is preparation and demo.

00:07 Introduction
01:23 Plan
03:23 Materials
05:07 Sink Removal
10:28 Cabinet and Mirror Removal
10:59 Toilet Removal
15:02 Floor, Threshold, and Baseboard Removal
16:23 Drywall, Wall, and Shower Removal
25:32 Insulation
27:05 Conclusion


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Shedding light on solar power systems. Part 2, FarmCraft101 solar.

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There’s plenty of confusion on the different types of solar power systems. In part 2 of my solar series, I explain the 3 most common solar setups, how they work, and their pros and cons.

My Solaredge inverter:
My Schneider backup inverter:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

I probably should have mentioned micro-inverters in this video, as they becoming more common. Micro-inverters are basically small grid-tie inverters that are installed right at each panel (or smaller groups of panels). They invert the power to alternating current right at the panel and then it is transmitted in AC form from there. The end result is the same thing as a grid-tie inverter. The advantages are that you have multiple inverters, and if one fails you don’t lose all power. They are more costly than a single grid-tie inverter however.

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The BEST way to add batteries to a grid tied solar system. Part 3, FarmCraft101 solar

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I add a battery backup to my existing grid tie solar system which uses a SolarEdge inverter. It’s becoming quite common that people purchase a grid tie system and then realize they want to add a battery backup. There are many ways to do it, but an AC coupled setup is going to be the easiest, cheapest, and most effective as well!

My Solaredge inverter:
My Schneider backup inverter:

FarmCraft101 solar video series:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 4:

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Equipment I used for my system:
Panels: Q-cell 305 watts.
Grid tie inverter: SolarEdge
Battery backup inverter: Schneider Conext 6648
Batteries: Interstate GC-8
Scheider mini distribution panel
Schneider control panel

I have no affiliation with any of these companies, nor have I received any compensation from them. Use of SolarEdge logo on thumbnail falls under fair use of trademark, as it is a SolarEdge system that I am retrofitting.