What are the Energy Efficient Roofing Options? | FREE CONSULTATION for MICHIGAN State

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A2roofing is a full-service residential and commercial roofing company in Ann Arbor, Michigan specializing in roof repair and replacement.
Energy efficient roofing is available in several styles for residential homes.
Just like your oven or washing machine, energy efficient roofing materials can earn the Energy Star badge from the U.S. Department of Energy.
This means that they meet a standard for environmental friendliness and energy use.
Select metal, concrete tile, ceramic tile, asphalt or composite types of roof shingles.
All styles have some that are Energy Star compliant.
There’s a number of colors that you can choose from, which varies depending on the type of roofing material you with. You aren’t limited to white or grey.
In Michigan Weather conditions you should take extra care while selecting your roofing options.
Always consult expert local roofer in Michigan to get energy efficient solutions.
2723 S State St #150
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


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Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic : The best options

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In this video we look at Building Integrated Solar Panels (BIPV) and all the options available for seamless integration of solar photo-voltaic panels in the fabric of the building.
The options are
1. Solar Roof Tiles
2. Flexible Solar Laminates
3. Roof Integrated Solar Panels
4. Solar PV Glass

Flexible solar panels are the best option for having low profile PV system on your rooftop if you use metallic roof sheets.

Transparent Solar glass is also provided by Onyx Solar and Polysolar Inc. They are not as expensive as many may believe.

Roof Integrated Solar panels also a good choice for low cost installation

New Home Design Center Options Day Vlog | PaulAndShannonsLife

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Today we go to the home builder decorating center to pick out all of our colors and options for the new house. We will show you what we pick and take you along for the ride. Thanks for watching.

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We are Paul and Shannon from PSToyReviews. We love our toy channel but we do tons of other things too. We like to shop, travel and just have fun together. Plus Shannon has a love for journaling, planning & scrapbooking. We are going to be sharing some of our day with you and hope you enjoy it.

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2019 Domestic Renewable Energy – Investigate Domestic Renewable Energy Options

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“2019 Domestic Renewable Energy – Investigate Domestic Renewable Energy Options

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Volant Air Filter Options

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Volant offers two filter options that include a five-layer cotton/gauze Pro-5 filter, and Volant filters with Donaldson®PowerCore® Filtration Technology. Find out the differences of each filter from our host Taylor Vlahos. PowerCore® is a registered tradename of Donaldson Company Inc.