Perfect Fan White Noise | For Sleeping, Studying, Soothing Crying Baby, Insomnia

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We’ve got a classic fan sound for you this week. As usual, only the best sounds make our cut, and we record dozens of fans to find the select few that will best help you sleep. Let the white noise wash over you and help you get much needed rest. Use the white noise sound to soothe a crying baby. Enjoy the ambience that calms your mind and blocks out extraneous noises that keep you awake. Sleep well!

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White Noise to Help Babies Sleep and Stay Asleep – Ventilation Rumble (12 HOURS)

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12 hours of high quality, peak normalized (no sudden highs) ventilation fan rumble sounds to calm infants and soothe your baby to sleep.

If you’re simply up, holding the phone/tablet and waiting for your baby to fall asleep, here’s a good read on how white noise helps babies sleep:

Playing calming/soothing sounds (white noise) is proven to help calm infants and soothe them to sleep. White noise resembles the sounds babies hear in the womb, and just like how sometimes a song takes us back in time, making us feel nostalgic, white noise takes babies to a time when they felt warmest and safest – to their happy place; the womb – thus the calming, soothing effect. It also masks other distracting noises so that your baby can fall asleep and remain sleeping. A newborn in the house can make sleep seem like a dream for parents. Even if you’re now waking to tend to your baby every few hours, your baby might still be having a hard time falling asleep or remain sleeping. If relaxing activities such as warm baths are not options at times or simply don’t work, white noise might be your best friend.


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Do not try this at home. Shower Sounds combined with fan noise and a black screen produces house sounds for relaxation sounds ! The shower sound in combination with fan sound produce relaxing white noise via this shower sound effect !

Here is my newest shower video:

All safety precautions were taking before starting this video shoot. The fan was plugged into a trip breaker, and that was then plugged into a bathroom circuit fault breaker ( which all bathrooms have now) The water in no way comes into contact with the fan. The water hits the back wall of the shower, and then flows down to the tub, and underneath the fan to the drain. The fan is elevated above the drain for this purpose. Worst case scenario if something did go wrong, the circuit breaker would trip.

Before starting this shoot, I turned on the bathroom fan for extra fan ambiance. Relax and enjoy these sleep sounds my friends! The screen goes dark so the light from the screen doesn’t ruin your rest and relaxation.

This video was a subscribers request!
He wanted both sounds put together, so I figured what better way than to put the fan right in the shower as the water arched over the fan to the back of the shower.


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Airplane Cabin White Noise Jet Sounds | Great for Sleeping, Studying, Reading & Homework | 10 Hours

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You’ve reached cruising altitude on your transatlantic flight. The crew has turned on their cool new blue nighttime lights, and it’s time to fall asleep. The super relaxing jet white noise will block out extraneous noise and calm your mind. You can also use it for studying, reading, homework, writer’s block, etc.

By the way, what’s your favorite seat on the airplane? For instance, if I fly Southwest and can choose my seat, I always aim for the emergency exit row seats. They have so much more legroom. Also, there’s one seat on each side of the aisle that has no seat in front of it, to make room in case people had to use the emergency exit. If you get that seat, you can recline your chair and stretch your legs out fully. Totally awesome. Okay, I’m curious to hear your seat favorites for long flights.

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How to attenuate fan noise – without silencers or reduced fan efficiency

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Our award winning Quiet Fan technology is an alternative to silencers – at a fraction of the cost and without affecting fan efficiency ( The traditional approach is to try to contain the noise by fitting attenuators. And acoustic lagging. And enclosures. This can be eye-wateringly expensive in terms of the capital cost, the cost of the extended down-time required to fit and increased downstream maintenance costs. These costs can also be dwarfed by increased running costs due to reduced fan efficiency.
We take a a more fundamental approach to the problem. Why not prevent the generation of the noise in the first place? Fan noise is created by turbulence (wasted energy) and pressure fluctuations inside the fan casing. In a similar approach to the way that Formula 1 engineers develop aerodynamic aids to control the airflow round their cars, we developed the award winning Quiet Fan technology based on designing aerodynamic inserts that are fitted inside fan volutes to reduce the pressure pulsations responsible for the noise. These aerodynamic aids reduce fan tones at source, typically by 90-99.5% (10-23dB).
Capital costs are around 50% – 80% lower. Downtime is all but eliminated. Running costs are reduced. Fit and forget with zero maintenance for the life of the fan. Stealth and efficiency….

SHOWER FAN ! 10 Hours of Shower Sounds and Box Fan Noise 4k

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Shower fan! 10 hours of shower sounds and box fan noise filmed in 4k for your relaxing pleasure. Can you guess how I got the box fans to balance? What do you think of this combo? Comment below, and let me know. Use this shower video to relax, as sounds for sleeping, or for study sounds if you need to focus and concentrate on your studies

I had a lot of fun setting up and filming this video. At the top left you can see this is a dual screen video. I attached my GoPro hero 7 to the wall of the shower so you can see the shower running as the water flows to the drain. From there we pan back and can see three black box fans slowly turning, a nice optical illusion visual effect I was going for. The fans are actually turning much faster.

Each fan is respectively on a different speed. The one on top is on low. The fan in the middle is on medium, while the fan on the bottom is on speed three, the fastest! If you put headphones on or play this video on a surround system you can really hear the low end of the fans filling in and complementing the overall sound. Can you figure out how I got the fans to balance perfectly on the shower stall?

Lastly we walk over and turn on the Jacuzzi tub. The slight hum of the engine can be heard as the water noise froths about from above. We even added in a salt lamp near the tub to aid in the overall relaxing feel of the room. All together these sounds compliment each other as the shower video and fan video turns into the ultimate shower fan!

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Here at Randall’s Rest and Relaxation I strive to produce unique fan sounds for sleeping to aid in your sound sleep. I’ve sleep to a fan white noise since I was a small child, so I know the peace of mind concentrating on a background noise can bring when your resting.
I love new ambient noise video requests. If you have a good idea for one, please comment below and I will see if I can make it happen! Thank you friends, relax and sleep well.

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Playing sounds that are too loud can potentially damage your hearing. While playing one of my videos, if you cannot have a calm conversation with someone else without having to increase the volume of your voice, the sound from my relaxing video may be too loud. The relaxing sounds provided by Randall’s Rest & Relaxation are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders or tinnitus or other health concerns. If you have significant difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, experience restless sleep, or feel tired during the day, please consult your physician.

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Prevent loud PS4 fan noise with simple cleaning method

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This is my method to clean inside the PS4 without totally pulling out parts of the PS4. Ever run games on the PS4 for only like a min or so latter the PS4 fan is running very loud to the point it is unbearable? Was it at one time running fine then on some if not all games the PS4 fan get very loud? Well, you might have to clean the fan to prevent the fan spinning very fast. This video will show you the easiest and less complicated way on how to do so.

NOTE-This method will void your PS4 warranty! Try this if your PS4 warranty has expired/you don’t care or PlayStation Support cant help you under warranty. Try at your own risk! Tho this worked for me and hope it does the same for you.

You will need (the minimum)
-Torx screwdriver (T9) Can get by with a T8 as well.
Side Note for T9/T8-(If you are looking to buy/get one, please look at the screws on your PS4 first before buying. Depending on your PS4 model but if you type online T9 or T8 PS4 Torx Screwdriver, you should find one that works)
-Compressed Air Can
-Cleaning Rag
(Vacuum can work as well if you don’t have a Air Can BUT some vacuum cleaners can be dangerous as it may create a static charge and harm the PS4)

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Bedroom Ceiling Fan to Fall Asleep and Be Calm and Sooth (Pink Noise)

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Bedroom Ceiling Fan to Fall Asleep and Be Calm and Sooth (Pink Noise) · SleepTherapy

Fan Sounds: For Deep Sleep, Rest, Relaxation, Calm and Soothing

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