The Best Kind Of Air Conditioning For Your London Apartment | Cool You UK

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Savva walks you through the different options you have when it comes to air conditioning your London apartment, and why our fully internal air conditioning is the best solution for you.


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What Kind of Weirdo Brings MILK?! Things We Didn’t Think Could Exist | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep25]

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Herby and Maddie take a vacation from the boat work and venture off to the magical land of Flores (pronounced Floresh) where the encounter untouched natural beauty in the westernmost point of Europe and the most western Portuguese Colony.
Herby and Maddie saw Flores in the distance as they entered the Azores archipelago after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, but they didn’t get a great view of all of its splendors. By taking advantage of the great deals available on TravelGnu, they flew to Flores for a week where they rented a car and stayed in a quaint Bed & Breakfast while they explored the island.
Join them as they explore this seldom visited island in the Atlantic!

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The Bed & Breakfast we stayed in: Residencia Mateus, Faja Grande, Azores, Portugal (Search this in the yellow box on our TravelGnu page)

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% Home Decor Hang Kleren Behang Decal Mural Wall Art Nursery Kids Baby Kind Slaapkamer Decor Zelfkle

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Casablanca Mission Ceiling Fan | One Of A Kind Prototype!

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Casablanca Mission 56″ Inteli•Touch ceiling fan in a purely unique bronzy finish. As explained at the beginning of the video, this fan is a pre-production prototype. I obtained this fan from the man who designed it, James Thomas. This Mission is absolutely one of a kind, with its beautiful multicolored glass and varied housing design. Truly a sight to behold. The production Mission was a great fan, but this version takes the style to heights I never imagined. This unique finish is beyond gorgeous for a fan reflective of Mission design, so raw and unassuming. Performance is as you would expect, I’m sure the same as the production models as they’re physically built very similarly. Totally silent operation despite all the glass, perfectly balanced straight out of the box. Just a huge thank you to James Thomas for offering this piece of history to me, I cannot believe that it’s mine and appreciate every moment I get to experience it.

How many Solar collectors will fully heat a house (the 2nd kind of 100% solar space heating)

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The 2nd kind of 100% solar space heating is a system of a lot of solar collectors and a heat storage. Other kinds are more complex systems, or they are based on solar panels.

Now I am showing my solar station, and it is obvious that it is not unique, and this video will describe these more interesting home heating systems with solar energy in about a minute. These American houses have a solar heating system which consists of the following two parts: a lot of solar collectors, and a heat storage.

I remind you that I spent less than 2 thousand dollars on my solar system, and this is spending on my solar collectors, and here we see the costs of my heat storage, and my system is designed to heat this house in winter and to heat the water of this pool in summer.

This is my heat storage which is a reservoir for almost 4 tons of water, and the water can have a temperature of up to 80 or 90 degrees Celsius.

This is thermal insulation around two polymer pipes with a length of more than 50 meters, and now we will see bends of the pipes due to their thermal expansion because now the pipes are filled with the hot water of that heat storage, and the water moves between the storage and the house to transfer the heat to the heating system of the house through a heat exchanger.

So, this is 58 square meters of solar heaters which heat the water of this heat storage during sunny hours, and I can transfer the heat to the house through these pipes at night and on non-sunny days.

We understand that my solar station is not unique in the field of home heating using a system of solar collectors and heat storage, and for example we can remember this famous American house which was built almost 60 years ago by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its roof has 60 square meters of flat plate solar collectors which heat 6 tons of water of its heat storage during sunny hours, and its owners can take the heat for heating the house at any time. This solar system covered 57 percent of the heating needs of the house until it was dismantled in 1962.

You may be more interested in the heating system of these next American houses with a lot of solar collectors which heat air during sunny hours, and the hot air goes through a similar mass of gravel and heats it. I remind you that air solar collectors are very simple devices which are easily made in a home workshop. Youtube has a large number of videos by other authors who tell us how we can make various types of air solar collectors and we may meet their designs which are cheaper than 10 or 20 dollars per square meter.

Of course, such heat storage based on gravel is not the only option for us, and for example we can remember similar heat storages from a large number of water containers for the accumulation of heat from air solar collectors.

These 33 square meters of air solar collectors have been operated for more than 30 years, and their hot air heats stones which are inside this big box. Home owners can take the heat at any time if ventilators organize the movement of home air through those stones, and the builders of this system say that their goal was to cover 60 percent of the heating needs of the house with solar energy.

This is another American house, and it has these air solar collectors and almost a hundred tons of gravel which is under the floor of the house. There are no ventilators at all, because the solar collectors are located below the gravel, and therefore the air circulates between the collectors and the gravel due to thermosyphon effect. This system covered 100% of the heating needs of the house during its first heating season, although the house has this additional possibility of its heating for cases of some rare non-solar anomalies.

Crawl Space INSULATION! What Kind Is BEST?

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I get asked every single week, ”Tanner, what is your opinion on crawl space insulation?” Well, me personally, I have never put much thought into peoples’ opinions. I have rather presumed to base my judgement on actual facts! And the fact is, crawl space insulation works!

You lose a ton of air through the floors of your home, especially if your home has a crawl space foundation! So if you want to see how to not only properly insulate under your house, but what kind is the best insulation to use, then look no further fellow, cause Tanner Flowers just made a video on that!


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Compare Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters. What kind of air filter should you buy?

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Check out to learn the difference between two styles of air filters for your heating and air conditioning needs.You can also check us out at or
Hi I am Mike with complete comfort heating and air conditioning located in the Utah county area. I would like to talk to you today about one of the most important things a home owner can do in maintaining their heating and air conditioning equipment which is regularly replacing the air filter. Customers often ask me what type air filter they should use and how often should they change it. There are many type of filters out in the market today but the two most common are the fiberglass style and the pleated style air filter. The fiberglass filter has a flat face and as you can see and is fairly porous, this type of filter does not do a very good job of stopping most of the dust and dirt that passes through it. The problem with that is the dust and dirt is recirculated through the home and collects on the inside of the furnace and air conditioning equipment. Over time this can lead to higher energy bills, breakdowns and premature equipment failure. These filters should be changed every month. The other type of filter is a pleated style filter. The material is denser and is formed in pleats with gives it much more surface area to collect the dust and dirt. This type of filter is what I most often recommend to my customers. It should be replaced every two to three months, and costs between 3 and 6 dollars. This filter is a good balance between efficiency and air flow resistance.
The manufacture of your heating and air conditioning equipment also recommends a annual tuneup and safety inspection which helps keep it running at peak efficiency and extends equipment life.
If you have any question regarding air filters or maintenance please give feel free to email me at mike at completecomfortcooling dot com or if you are in the Utah County area you can call me at 801-885-9791.

Be kind to your children | Tempo Air Conditioning and Heating Service

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Air Conditioning Repair and Service Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Air Conditioning Maintenance and TuneUp Heater and Furnace Repair and Service Heater and Furnace Installation and Replacement Heater and Furnace Maintenance and TuneUp

As a locally owned & operated business, your satisfaction with our products & service determines our reputation.. and future success! We want our customers to be customers for life, so we go the extra mile to give you personal, neighborly support.

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