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Check out these incredibly cute and stylish decor ideas for your bedroom! Find out how to make beautiful flower pot, thread paint and make some macrame! 🙂


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0:27 Night lamp
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Solar Power For Kids DIY Solar Robot Kit DIY Toys Boat Fan Car!

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Today, the boys unbox the Educational DIY Solar Robot Kit Toy Boat Fan Car! Unboxing and assembling the solar boat. A fun solar power projects for kids! Cool diy toys for kids.

Check out the Educational DIY Solar Robot Kit Toy Boat Fan Car at Amazon:

About the toy!
Six different working models including Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car (Only one project can be completed at a time)
Great assembling toy for nurturing children’s imagination, creativity and learning the benefits of solar energy
Also ideal to express your kids’ interest in science, extremely helping your children on creation
Sunlight shine solar panels provide small toys with endless power. Fun to play with and requires no batteries
Easy to assemble by following the step in instruction.

What is Carbon Footprint? – Environmental Science for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

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Do you know what is carbon footprint and how to reduce it?

Your Carbon Footprint is the amount of Carbon Dioxide and Methane gas you release into the environment by consuming energy.

Most energy produced in the world is done by burning fossil fuels such as petroleum and gas. You may not experience it directly but everything you do requires energy. You need petrol to create energy to drive your car, gas to light your stove, and even the paper you write on in school requires energy to be transformed from wood to books.

There is no clean way to burn fossil fuels. No matter how you do it, you will produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the process. Hence, Your carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide and methane gas you release into the environment by consuming energy.

To get a better idea of how consuming something adds to your carbon footprint take the example of paper. Let’s say that plants take 5 units of energy to become trees. It takes 1 unit to cut down the tree and 3 units to transport it to a factory. The factory takes another 5 units to convert this tree into paper. Finally another 1 unit is used to transport that paper to your city. This means that when you buy the book it is worth 15 units of energy.

It may take you less than 1 unit of energy to throw a book into the dustbin but in reality you are chucking away 15 units of energy. Now think of every person in the whole world throwing away just 1 book and you get 7 billion X 15 units of energy when someone simply throws away a book

Watch this video to understand how our everyday activities add to our Carbon Footprint and how we can conserve energy.

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Shiloh and Shasha FACE THE HEAT! – Onyx Kids

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Shiloh and Shasha FACE THE HEAT! – Onyx Kids

Shiloh and Shasha’s air conditioner breaks and the only people they can call is their handymen friends! Will they be able to fix it before the heat sets in?

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Snoop Dogg reacted to by Kids. Original video links below.
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Uniclife Portable Compressor System Kit Cool Mist Inhaler for Kids Adults with 1 Year Warranty

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More info at

EASY TO USE: One-button operation, hands-free utilization
POTABLE DESIGN: Two storage compartments and the handle is easy to carry
EFFECTIVE THERAPY: Particle size COOL MIST of 0.5-10 um, Ideal for all ages
RELIABLE RANGE: Compressor pressure range of 36 psi, Maximum Liter flow 8 LPM
LATEX FREE: All accessories are dishwasher safe. Come with a complete kit

Mega Man 107 | 20,000 Leaks under the Sea | Full Episodes | HD | Videos For Kids

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Mega Man 107 | 20,000 Leaks under the Sea | Full Episodes | HD
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Dr. Wily attacks an underwater mining operation, then tries to get rid of Dr. Light and Mega Man with a fake laboratory that turns out to be a mobile prison.

Meet Mega Man a robot programmed by Dr. Light, designed to protect the world from Dr. Wily and his army of robots.

A de-evolution serum that only has an effect on robots is released. Now Dr. Light has to find an antidote so he can change back Mega Man and the other robots, before they destroy the city.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were brilliant scientists in the field of robotics, who worked together in a laboratory trying to advance the science. One day, they finished an extremely advanced prototype, but shortly after being activated, it started destroying the laboratory. Dr. Light immediately believed that the prototype’s guidance system, which Dr. Wily had personally programmed, was the source of the problem and concluded they would start over again. Angered, Dr. Wily attempted to steal the plans later that night, but Dr. Light catches him. Wily is able to steal the plans after knocking Dr. Light down, and goes off to what is apparently an abandoned area, and modifies the old robot prototype into Proto Man.

Later, Dr. Light builds Rock and Roll, advanced robots with personalities, along with Ice Man, Guts Man, and Cut Man. Dr. Wily and Proto Man go and steal the robots, reprogramming the latter three robots as henchmen. Dr. Wily attempts to reprogram Rock and Roll at his lab later, but Rock decides to trick Dr. Wily. He tells Dr. Wily that Dr. Light also built “super warrior robots”, and that if Rock and Roll are let go, he’ll tell him how to defeat the robots. Rock uses this lie (Dr. Wily believing robots can’t lie) to cause a distraction and escape with Roll. Dr. Light decides to reprogram and reoutfit Rock into Mega Man, who from then on keeps the world safe. This tale is told in Episode 1, “The Beginning”.

Mega Man (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – Mirroring his origins in the video games, Mega Man was originally an assistant robot built by Dr. Light and called Rock. He originally donned a blue T-shirt and shorts but also wore his typical robot boots. After Wily reprograms Light’s first industrial robots (the Mega Man robot masters) he captures Rock and Roll to make them his servants too. Rock tricks Wily into freeing them as he can’t conceive of a robot being able to lie. Rock is then rebuilt into a fighting robot. His primary weapon is the plasma-cannon which he fires from his left arm after withdrawing his hand into it. He can also copy Wily’s robots’ abilities by touching them. During battle, Mega Man cracks jokes and puns. He has numerous catchphrases; the one he uses most frequently is “Sizzling Circuits”. Ironically, Corlett, who voices Mega Man here, previously voiced Dr. Wily in Captain N: The Game Master.

Dr. Light (voiced by Jim Byrnes) – Mega Man’s creator. He used to work with Dr. Wily to create a line of industrial robots until the latter stole their plans and a defective prototype. Light built Rock, Roll, and the first three robot masters (unlike the six from Mega Man 1), Cut Man, Guts Man, and Ice Man. After Wily reprogrammed his industrial robots, Light rebuilds Rock into Mega Man in order to stop his schemes. Throughout the series, Light builds other robots and inventions to help humanity and to stop Wily’s plots. His appearance differs slightly from his game counterpart; he has a shorter beard and grey hair. Fans of the show also note his ability to state the blatantly obvious. Jim Byrnes would later reprise his role as Dr. Light (although renamed Dr. Wright) in the English dub of Mega Man: Upon a Star.
Roll (voiced by Robyn Ross) – Mega Man’s sister who assists him on missions. She was built as a household robot and possesses a number of home-appliances which switch on and off similarly to Mega Man’s plasma cannon. Most frequently she uses a vacuum cleaner which has enough force to pull robots to pieces and which can also occasionally suck in enemy projectiles and fire them back. Roll is depicted as being much more mature than her game counterpart physically, and dons a red-and-yellow jumpsuit instead of a dress.
Rush (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – Mega Man’s robot dog. Mega Man uses Rush’s jet-mode, in which he turns into a jet board, as a primary means of transportation throughout the series. Rush also has a number of other modes though none which are directly derived from the games. Rush’s nose can “sniff out anything” and was once used to locate a bomb planted by Wily. His ears also detect faraway sound. Rush acts similarly to Scooby Doo in many respects, often performing silly antics on his own. He also alternates between making typical dog-sounds and speaking. Though most of the time he only parrots other characters, he also appears to have a limited ability for independent speech, mostly for comedy.

Bob The Builder – Wallpaper Wendy | Bob The Builder Season 2 | Cartoons for Kids | Kids TV Shows

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Mrs Broadbent’s new ‘granny’ flat needs decorating before her mother arrives, but the decorators have not turned up.
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Ever helpful, Bob rashly offers to do it for her, even though he’s never done any wallpapering. Wendy has been decorating his kitchen, so Bob asks if he can borrow her brushes etc. Wendy is not sure that it’s such a great idea, but Bob is convinced putting up wallpaper can’t be that difficult…until he starts work that is! Wendy goes to see how he’s getting on and finds a terrible mess. Tactfully, she suggests he take a lunch break, whilst she ‘tidies the place up’. As soon as the relieved Bob has gone, Wendy gets to work. On his way back from lunch Bob bumps into Mrs B, eager to know how things are going. Assuming the flat is as he left it, he tries to stop her entering. Undeterred, Mrs. B opens the door – and thanks Bob profusely for doing a wonderful job! Surprised, Bob follows and discovers Wendy standing in a beautifully wallpapered flat. He tells Mrs. B her thanks are due to Wendy, not him. Mrs. B congratulates the bashful twosome on being a talented pair.

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AMAZING HOME DECOR IDEAS 2019|| Contemporary| Kids decor| Modern | Farmhouse

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AMAZING HOME DECOR IDEAS 2019|| Contemporary| Kids decor| Modern | Farmhouse

Sharing Amazing Home Decor Decorating Ideas! Be Inspired… who doesn’t love inspiration 🤷🏻‍♀️

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