Lasko Ceiling Fan (70s, ornate bottom plate, made in Japan, cane blades sold separately)

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I buy, sell, and trade vintage ceiling fans. I also do commercial fan/lighting related projects, am connected with several major fan manufacturers, I am happy to talk to anyone ages 2-200 interested in ceiling fans! Like my Facebook page:

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How Japan Is Preparing For North Korean Threats (HBO)

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Inquiries for nuclear bunkers and radiation air filters have increased in Japan as North Korea continues to test missiles close to Japanese shores.

VICE News goes to Japan to see how citizens are preparing for a possible North Korean attack.

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50+ Amazing Modern Japan Home Design Ideas 2018

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modern japan home design – modern japanese house design. inspiration for modern japanese house architecture.

modern japanese house design ideas.
modern japanese house designs plans. completed by in situ studio in raleigh north carolina usa clark court residence is a contemporary retreat especially envisioned for owners interested in modern and japanese design: “our clients a young couple with a newborn challenged us to design an open house on a prominent site that would provide privacy and create intimate connections between the interior and exterior.
ty house is a modern japanese residence designed by yo yamagata architects in collaboration with and associates. sgnw house – modern house design with zen interior design and japanese influences exterior. new modern designed house in japan.

the japanese house design ideas. japanese house designs and floor plans. modern japanese house plans.