Tiny House on Wheels Comfortable Cozy Country Interior | Small Home Design Ideas

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This 160 sq. ft. ‘Lodge Anywhere Series’ tiny house on wheels is built by Rollin Cabins. It’s professionally engineered, meets or exceeds CSA standards. It has steel roofing with full ice and water under coating. It’s kitchen is equipped with 30 Inch propane range, six cubic foot propane fridge, and a microwave oven. The bathroom has shower, toilet and vanity.

You can find more details about the builder/designer and pricing of this awesome Tiny Home here:

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i think i did a blinder of a job!! went on a blind date!! hahaha the word i was looking for was plantation shutters that we will be putting on some of the windows in the main house, and leave us any questions you have if we will try that again at the end of the next video 🙂

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How to Create Caribbean Home Decor | Interior Design

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So Caribbean decor is actually something that’s really close to my heart. Because I am Puerto Rican, so from the islands, per se, color is a really big thing for us. We love color and a lot of people from the Caribbean love color and so infusing it into your home is really easy.

Just remember where you know more on the mainland, here in America, you do a lot of the creams and the taupe’s and that’s what you find predominantly. So just go a little bit bolder. If you have an accent chair, make sure that it’s a really fun material. Make sure that it’s got a bold texture to it and pattern.

Wall colors are really great. You’ll also find a two-toneness in the wall color, so it’s not like perfect. You know you’ll have a chair rail without the wood of just a two-tone color on a wall. So let’s say you have a really vibrant, ocean blue on the bottom, and then on top you have like a buttery yellow or a white. You find that kind of look in the Caribbean quite a bit.

Also, you have a lot of sheers and whites for curtains. Not really heavy material, so you don’t have like what you would normally find in the cooler climates. You don’t have a lot of velvet’s and things like that. So just make sure that the window treatment fabric is really airy. It’s really breathable, adding your pops of color.

Pottery, we love pottery. So pottery in different places and just get really ethnic with it. So if you have something that maybe, you’re really pulled to a certain island or something, that’s really interesting to you, bring that out a little bit in the artwork.

Make sure that the woods feel very tribal and very earthy. No sleek and no lines that are – you know just very clean-edged. You want to make sure there are some knots and some wormholes in the woods that you choose. So I think that if you stick with some of those basics, you’ll have a home that at the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

Home decoration by plate,small budget big makeover,small house/apartment interior design,Indian styl

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This video includes interior design for small house, home decorating Ideas,home decorating ideas small living room,interior design for small apartment in India, interior design ideas for small house, interior design ideas for small apartment, interior design ideas for small house in India, interior design ideas for small apartment in India, interior design ideas for small living room India, interior design ideas for small living room in hindi, interior design ideas for small living room , interior design ideas for small house living room, interior design ideas for small spaces,small budget big makeover, home decor haul,Indian home tour,interior design ideas for small bedroom, dining room, small bedroom and small kitchen for small house or small apartment in Indian style, interior design, interior design ideas, interior design ideas for small house, interior design ideas indian style for small homes, home decorating ideas, home decorating ideas indian style. This home decoration includes waste materials like glass bottle, plastic bottles etc.

Home decoration by plate,small budget big makeover,small house/apartment interior design,Indian styl

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shipping container home interior plans – Top 30 Homes

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shipping container home interior plans

12 Tips You Need to Know Before Structure a Shipping Container Home

#shippingcontainerhomes #howtobuildshippingcontainerhome #40shippingcontainer

Developing a shipping container home appears quite straightforward theoretically. There are millions of excess shipping containers laying around in ports worldwide, and also they are the best dimension for a home. If you desire a multi-story or bigger square video home, you merely pile a couple of shipping containers on top of each other and, voila, you have actually got a home. Sadly, points are never ever as very easy as they seem from the outset. When it pertains to constructing a shipping container home, there are numerous points you need to recognize to make certain that your home is structurally audio, lasting, as well as singularly beautiful.

1. See Prior To you Get

You would never purchase a used vehicle without initial inspecting it and also taking it for an examination drive. When buying an utilized shipping container, you will certainly most likely not be able to do a complete “walk through”, particularly if it is presently located at some obscure port on the other side of the globe. Nevertheless, you can ask the vendor for detailed images and also a comprehensive description of the container.

Older shipping containers, specifically, could have a number of dents, concerns with rust, or other architectural problems that come with a lifetime of being tossed around on the high seas. One-trip containers are a bit a lot more expensive, though they are practically ensured to be in terrific form, and also might be worth the financial investment if you wish to avoid the work (and cost) of taking care of a container that is all dented up.

2. Know Your Building Regulations Restrictions

Lots of communities and also cities may have specific restrictions against constructing a shipping container home. Prior to you spend several thousand bucks in operation shipping containers, ensure you look at your regional and also state building codes. An excellent introduction to state building ordinance and also shipping container building and construction can be discovered below.

3. See to it You Have a Prepare for Protecting

An incomplete steel shipping container will be unbearably hot throughout the summer and also freezing cold in the winter unless you have a great plan for including needed insulation. When designing your shipping container home, ask certain contractors concerning insulation suggestions, and remember that you will certainly need to heavily shield the roof as well as the walls. Blanket-style insulation will certainly require an interior stud wall surface, while foam insulation can be splashed directly onto the wall surface. If you are checking out a much more environment-friendly or sustainable choice, think about lamb wool or perhaps including an environment-friendly roof onto the top of your shipping container home.

4. Locate a Full Service Provider

Instead of trying to deal with one professional for positioning and modifying your unfinished containers and also others for the interior ending up job, it is best to search for one service provider that can oversee the entire procedure. Because shipping container building is still a fairly brand-new specific niche in the structure industry, it can be tough to find contractors with appropriate experience. Below is a checklist of 16 business around the UNITED STATES who concentrate on shipping container building and construction as pre-built houses.

5. Protect Against Dangerous Chemicals

If you are acquiring used shipping containers for your home, it is very important to recognize that these containers were designed for a lifetime mixed-up. The wood flooring on a lot of shipping containers consists of hefty chemicals to deter rats as well as rats from eating through the floor covering. Additionally, the paint on these containers usually includes chemicals to protect the containers from deep sea spray from the seas.

To prevent these harmful chemicals in your shipping container home, you can either select to get a brand-new shipping container that does not have these chemical problems or make some modifications. Think about destroying the pesticide-infested wood floor covering and mounting your very own flooring. Foam insulation on the interior of the shipping container will certainly shield from any kind of off gassing from dangerous chemical paints.

Living Room Dining Home Decorating French European Country Stone Walls Interior Design

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Home, office, outdoor, interior design related to all kinds of video, video can be accessed from my channel.
Kitchen design
living room design
hall design
bedroom design
toilet design
bathroom design
dining room design
office design and others.
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100 Tropical Home Decorating Ideas & Interior Design

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100 Tropical Home Decorating Ideas & Interior Design
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Best 60 + Minimalist Interior Design Apartment Design Ideas 2018 – Home Decorating Ideas

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Best 60 + Minimalist Interior Design Apartment Design Ideas 2018 – Home Decorating Ideas

Find and save ideas about minimalist interior design ideas on humdeco.com, for the perfect inspiration to help you design your dream home.

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