Air Conditioning Installation Murrieta | | Please Call Now: (951) 600-0700

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Air Conditioning Installation Murrieta | | 41085 Golden Gate Cir, Murrieta, CA 92562 | (951) 600-0700 |

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Please Call Now: (951) 600-0700

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Commercial Solar Installation in Los Angeles with Green Solar Technologies

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Green Solar Technologies recently installed a solar panel system on the roof of Come Mission Church in Los Angeles. Pastor, Jaehwan Lee, speaks about his experience with solar energy and with GST.

Solar Panels
Solar Energy
Come Mission Church
Solar Installation
Solar Company
Solar Installation Company
Solar Energy System
PV Cells
Los Angeles
Green Solar Technologies

Pastor, Jaehwan Lee, made the decision to install a solar energy system on his church with Green Solar Technologies.

Flat Roof Drains design and installation – the Ultimate draining system for flat roofs

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The ultimate draining system that will prevent a roof from flooding.
Flat Roof Drains design and installation are very critical. Most drains are elevated higher than the roof surface itself. This issue can be found in 80% of flat roofs. Lowering the drain into a catch basin will solve this issue. The catch basin is to collect debris and allow water to flow into the pipe even after the filter or strainer is clogged.
It may cost more to install a catch basin around a drain but in the long run, will save the roof from costly repairs. A catch basin has the following benefits:
1. Allows water to flow over debris through the strainer
2. It buys time to remove debris that clogs the strainer
3. It prevents the entire roof from flooding causing possible leaks
4. Prevents standing water that can deteriorate a rubber roof
5. Where there is no pooling of water there is no growth of plant and moss
6. Prevents mosquito breeding ground
7. Standing water on a flat roof will cause the Ultraviolet protective coating to peele
8. A catch basin will prevent a premature seam failure or leak on the rest of the roof

The benefits of a catch basin around a drain outways the cost of installation by far. Most flat roofs have failed due to an improper draining system.

Ducati hypermotard installation of the air filter

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-Espero que este pequeño vídeo tutorial de la instalación del filtro de aire pueda servirle de ayuda al que quiera divertirse un poco con su moto y hacerlo por si mismo.
yo instale el filtro marca BMC por recomendación de mi mecánico de Ducati.

al final de la instalacion, la luz del chequeo del motor prendio,llame a mi mecanico de ducati y me dijo que algunas veces eso pasa, que solo debo pasar por el dealer y ellos limpian el error con la computadora.

-I hope that this small video tutorial of the installation of the air filter can help you who wants to have fun with your bike and do it yourself.I installed the filter BMC brand on the recommendation of my ducati mechanic.

At the end of the installation, the light of the check engine is on I called my ducati mechanic and he told me that sometimes that happens, that I only have to go through the dealer and they clean the error with the computer

onInstagram: @Hypermotard_nyc @moto_hyper

Attic Door Installer Attic Ladder Installation Services in Las Vegas NV | McCarran Handyman Services

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Attic Door Installer Las Vegas Attic Ladder Installation Replacement Services Las Vegas NV | McCarran Handyman Services (702) 570-4279
More information is at:

Attic Door Installer Las Vegas NV: Tired of using a ladder to get into your attic? McCarran Handyman Services installs new attic stairs and new attic doors, too. McCarran Handyman Services installs cable pulleys to enable pulley system to slide stairs down when attic door is opened. Learn more. Cost? Free estimates. Send us a message or call us now. Best Handyman In Las Vegas Nevada!

Your attic is often a forgotten area of the home, but can provide a lot of opportunity. Some can be difficult to get to and others may provide excess space to offer:
• Extra Storage
• Energy Efficiency and Home Cooling
• Insulation upgrades
• In some cases, space for an office or bedroom

Call today for application help from McCarran Handyman Services.
Improve Your Attic with Drop Down Stairs
At McCarran Handyman Services, we know just how important the attic is to the overall efficiency and value of your home. It can play a critical role in your energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and integrity of your roof. However, the attic all-too-often falls into the bucket of “out of sight, out of mind,” which means attics can fall into disrepair—especially when they are difficult to access. This is where our home repair experts can help.

Let McCarran Handyman Services help make accessing your attic easier and safer. Rather than getting a ladder or standing on an unsafe pedestal, let our professionals help.

• Attic Stairs Installation
• Attic Stair Upgrade/Repair
• Attic Door Installation
• Attic Door Upgrade/Repair

Don’t wait for an accident to happen, call us today!

• How To Install An Attic Ladder By Yourself
• Installing Attic Ladder Between Trusses
• Labor Cost To Install Pull Down Attic Stairs
• Attic Ladder Installation Service Near Me
• Attic Ladder Arm Bent
• Attic Ladder Repair
• Best Attic Ladder
• Louisville Attic Ladder


McCarran Handyman Services
#1 Handyman Service in Las Vegas NV!
CALL (702) 570-4279 HANDYMAN 1,
CALL (702) 514-3052 HANDYMAN 2,
CALL (702) 530-7597 CLEANING 1,
CALL (702) 551-2023 CLEANING 2,
CALL (702) 329-9729 JUNK REMOVAL,
Located in Las Vegas Nevada
Monday to Sunday 6:00 am – 11:00 pm
EMAIL:[email protected]

• Bathroom Kitchen Basement Remodeling, Interior and Exterior Painting
• Cabinetry and Carpentry, Commercial Residential Painting
• Concrete & Masonry, Damage Restoration
• Decks & Railing, Demolition Services, Deck Staining
• Door Repair Installation Services, Drywall Repair and Installer
• Fences & Gates, Flooring and Foundation Services
• Gutter Cleaning Services
• Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC
• Landscaping Services, Lawn Care, Hardscaping Services
• Painting, Plaster & Drywall Services
• Plumbing Services, Roofing and Room Additions and Siding
• Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning
• Waterproofing, Windows Repair Installation Services
• Home Building and Home Remodeling
• General Contracting, Hauling and Property Management
• Solar Panel Services, Assembly and Installation Services
• House Office Building Cleaning, Maintenance and Junk Removal

SERVICE AREA: Las Vegas NV, Boulder City NV, Enterprise, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor Nevada.
Las Vegas Neighborhoods:Aliante, Anthem/Anthem Country Club, Chinatown, Downtown Las Vegas, Green Valley, Lake Las Vegas, Las Vegas Country Club, MacDonald Highlands, Mountain’s Edge, Paradise Palms, Queensridge& One Queensridge Place, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Summerlin, Summerlin South, The Lakes, The Ridges, West Las Vegas Nevada.
Service Area Zip Codes: 88901, 88905, 89101, 89102, 89104, 89106, 89107, 89108, 89109, 89110, 89116, 89117, 89124, 89125, 89126, 89127, 89128, 89129, 89130, 89131, 89133, 89134, 89136, 89137, 89138, 89143, 89144, 89145, 89146, 89147, 89149, 89151, 89152, 89153, 89154, 89155, 89157, 89158, 89161, 89162, 89163, 89164, 89166, 89185.

Solar Panel Installation Process

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In this video, you will learn the process to install a #solar panel on your house roof in Texas. Below are the steps you need to follow to install the solar panel without any hassle.
1. Inspection
2. Permission
3. Installation
4. Interconnection
#SolarInstallation #SolarPanels

For more information visit
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How to hang wallpaper | Wallpaper installation in India in Hindi

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Hello Guys! In this video, I am going to paste self-adhesive wallpaper on the wall. which I ordered from Flipkart and I also unboxed this wallpaper in the previous video. I will give you all the tips for how to hang wallpaper properly. In India wallpapering home is not so much common but it is coming now. Applying wallpaper on the wall is much easier and cheaper than applying paint.

Wallpaper in the video:

Wallpaper unboxing Video:

Buy Anything From:

Problem solved in this video:
how to hang wallpaper
how to paste wallpaper
how to stick wallpaper
how to paste wallpaper on the wall.
how to hang self-adhesive wallpaper.
How to apply wallpaper.

#LunaticApps #LunaticArmy #I’mShahzada

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