Amazing Luxury The Box Hop Made Up With 3 High Cube 40’x8’ Shipping Containers

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Amazing Luxury The Box Hop Made Up With 3 High Cube 40’x8’ Shipping Containers
Price: $311/night
Size: 850 sq. ft. finished
8 guests | 3 bedrooms | 3 beds | 2 baths

The Box Hop is made up with three High Cube 40’x8’ shipping containers (roughly 850 sq. ft. finished). We broke ground in May 2019 and finished the build in December 2019. First guest were welcomed in on 12/14/18.

I follow many social media pages dedicated to unique cabins. Every now and then a shipping container cabin would pop up on my feed and I’d dream about the day I might get to stay in one. The cabins I saw were usually in far off places like Ireland or the UK. You can imagine my excitement and surprise when my sister’s boyfriend Aaron told us he’d rented a shipping container house in Hocking Hills – just a short 4.5 hour drive from us in Ferndale, Michigan!

Booking from Airbnb

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Build a high quality PORTABLE Solar Generator For $150

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More details and parts list:

How I built a portable 10 watt polycrystalline Solar Power Pack with 18amp Hour battery. aka solar generator for power outages and portable renewable power.

Look at 10 watt solar panels mono crystalline or poly crystalline for the maximum amount of power in a small size. 10 watt Black amorphous panels are way too big to be portable.


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High Tech Ducting Fan for Growing Cannabis: AC Infinity Cloudline T6

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What’s up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for another Product review video! Now in today’s episode, I will be reviewing this inline Duct Fan right here, and this was sent to me from a company straight out of California call AC Infinity. Now this company has been around for a little while but they’ve been primarily making cooling systems for AV systems and home theaters, and now just recently they just started moving into the Cannabis growing industry. So I will be testing out this ducting fan in today’s video with my OG Kush plants, and then I will also give you guys my review and feedback on what I think about this product. Now the specific product comes from their cloudline series and it is there T6 model which means it is set up for the 6in ducting.

And what I really like so far about this product is first of all it is very Sleek in modern looking as you can see right here, and then it is also very techy as it has a lot of cool technology built into it. For example it comes with this little modular system right here that will actually read and tell you what temperature and humidity is in the tent as well as you get to control the different fan speeds. So we will get into more detail about that in the video. One thing I do want to mention before we start this video is this is also a pretty expensive product as it comes in at $150.

So do keep that in mind, this is someone who is a little more serious about their grow, is looking for something that is convenient but is also going to give them really quality results and is a very high-quality product. So if that is what you are looking for, this product will be great for you! So now you guys know what we are doing and today’s product review, let’s head over to the OG Kush tent where I will set up this fan and do a little test.

All right guys here we are at the 4 x 4 tent where I have my current OG Kush plants growing, they are about 2 weeks or they just started the second week of flower actually. They are a few days in so looking really good here but this is the setup where I will be setting or hooking up the AC Infinity ducting fan to. So out of the top of the tent you will see we have our 6in ducting hose coming out to the inline fan that I am using right now. And this is from the iPower set up we have listed on our site. You can see there is the carbon filter right there, and is just that 6in combo that comes with the ducting hose, the inline fan as well as the carbon filter right there.

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes today’s product review video of the AC infinity and line ducting fan! Again this is the T6 model from the cloud line serious and if you are interested in this product or want to see more details about it, feel free to visit their website up here at the link above. Now in my opinion I really like this product and I have found from my testing today that it is really effective. So I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to pay the price tag for it. Again it is a little bit on the more expensive side but you are paying for what you get, and you get full control over the span as you can adjust the dial is speed of the fan settings. If you can set timers and of course it gives you all the readings of the conditions inside the tent. Now if you guys enjoyed today’s video please feel free to hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel. As always I want to give you guys a big thank you for watching today’s video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!!!

Cannabis growing can seem like a really daunting and expensive activity, but it is much easier than you think! When working 1-on-1 with a grow expert from GreenBox Grown, you get to learn as you go so you get the best results possible even during your first ever grow! The Green Box Grown video series’ breaks down each step of your grow and really simplifies the process, making it easy to follow. You will also learn how to grow on a budget so you don’t have to break the bank to get started! No matter what your growing experience may be, if you follow the GreenBox Grown series, you are guaranteed a successful harvest! Always have a supply of cannabis when you Grow Your Own.

solar cell test More amps with mirror, solar cells with high amps solar panel

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This is a solar cell test with a mirror to see if the amps will go up with this and it did big time. I will be testing other solar cells and solar panels so plese stop back and follow my videos . We test solar cells and solar panels all the time at

If your Looking for Solar Cells to make Diy solar panels we have them at

And we have low price solar panels we have Blemished panels and we can get A-grade solar panels low price per watt with free shipping to your Door Usa only with a 20 year warranty Conntact me for info at [email protected] or conntact threw website asak for David

Solar Panel Mirror test HIGH Amps More Free Power DIY green energy

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Up your solar Power with a Mirror More amps More watts
This was a test of one of my DIY Solar Panels to see what a Mirror would do not to Bad at all
you can find mirror cheap a yard sales and some time walmart extra amps is great and this is cheap way to do it

We have Discount Solar panels at low prices at