Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

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HI SISTERS! MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays! In today’s video, the Sister Squad is back and we decided to build our DREAM HOUSE… out of Gingerbread!! We really really hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!


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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

WRITER: Eros Gomez

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Centennial Tiny Home (265 Sq Ft) | Tiny House Design Ideas | Le Tuan Home Design

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While small (measuring 265 sq. ft.), this tiny house is not lacking in any of the comforts you are looking for in a home.

When you walk through the front door of the home, you will find yourself in the main living area. This space is furnished with a couch on one side and a fold-down table on the other. The fold-down table can be used as a workspace during the day when the sunlight is beaming through the large window in front of it, and it can double as a dining table in the evening.

To the right of the living room is the tiny bathroom featuring an in-house toilet, metal shower, plenty of storage space and a rectangular, white sink.

If you exit the bathroom and walk through the living room, you will enter the kitchen furnished with dark wood countertops, white cabinetry, a deep sink, two-burner cooktop and space for a mini fridge/freezer.

This home is unique in that it has a stairwell (located to the left of the kitchen) rather than a ladder that leads up to its lofted bedroom!

For more information on this $40,900 home, visit its listing here!

Resources and Image Via:

Tiny House DESIGN




Moonbum Jang

Tiny House Talk

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Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (ft. Wafia) (Daktyl Remix)

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Beauty remix.



Photo by Marat Safin

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Old World Vermont Tiny Home (300 Sq Ft) | Tiny House Design Ideas | Le Tuan Home Design

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Old World Vermont Tiny Home (300 Sq Ft) | Tiny House Design Ideas | Le Tuan Home Design
Tiny House Design Ideas
Le Tuan Home Design

Check out one of the newest tiny homes from Perch and Nest named the “Old World Vermont”!

According to the company’s Facebook page, the home was designed by the buyers and built by P and N. It was constructed on a 24 ft trailer and has an interior size total of about 300 sq ft between the ground floor and loft space.

The home’s exterior is made from cedar shingles and planks, and also includes a fold down porch (pictured below). Inside the home, you’ll find a kitchen, two gated loft spaces, and a pretty snazzy bathroom. There’s also some great window spaces!

If you like this house, be sure to check out some of Perch and Nest’s other tiny houses, the Boho Home and The Pecan.

Resources and Image Via:

Tiny House DESIGN




Moonbum Jang

Tiny House Talk

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2006 KTM 640 Lc4 engine oil & filters replacement ft. Tool Girl Harley #1829

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Harley, my gorgeous assistant is back in the workshop helping me with this engine oil & filters change on my 2006 KTM 640 Lc4 supamoto.

This procedure isn’t quite as simple and straight forward as most motorcycles, this bike has some of it’s engine oil stored in the bike’s frame as opposed to the engine’s crank case. It also has 2 oil filters, an external spin on type & an internal paper element type, both of which should be changed.

Service intervals are stated as every 5,000km but I’d suggest, given how stressed the poor crank bearings are, to replace the oil every 2,500km or so. The oil also needs to be fully synthetic to ensure it maintains it’s properties & provide full protection until it’s replaced.

It was great having Harley giving me a hand and, if I’m completely honest, she surprised me by getting really stuck into this job, doing the majority of the work herself despite it been such a messy, oily job!

Harley has no previous experience using hand tools but is quickly picking up the basics & is genuinely keen to learn. It’s unfortunate with her busy schedule, what with her full time Uni course & modelling work that she can’t call round to give me a hand more often but she’s hoping to help out on at least a couple of repair jobs each month, we will just have to wait and see!

I have included the Genuine KTM filter part numbers & the oil spec & quantity required. Unfortunately I didn’t have any new copper washers for the external oil feed pipes, the large gauze filter under the crank case or the oil filler bung on the frame – I’d strongly recommend you order these at the time you get the filters too….You’d best get a new gasket for the internal oil filter housing cover too.

If you have any questions or comments then please add them below & I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Andy Mechanic

Ps. My apologies for maybe getting my words a little mixed up in places on this video, Harley, although a great student, does cause somewhat of a distraction!

2700 NE 18th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Impressive new construction waterfront home in Coral Ridge situated on 100ft “Rio Verde” canal. This modern masterpiece was designed and constructed for today’s South Florida lifestyle, combining sophisticated security, smart technology & energy efficiency for tomorrow’s needs. This 6,600sf 5 bed/5.5 bath/den luxurious waterfront estate has it all. Stunning floor to ceiling windows provide an impressive back drop for any gathering. Reddot Design Award finishes include Italian porcelain and European oak floors throughout, LEICHT kitchen, Miele appliances, Duravit vanities, Blanco sinks, La Cava plumbing fixtures and the list goes on. Spacious outdoor space with heated pool, spa, newly constructed dock and plenty of room to entertain.

Decorating a 426 SQ FT Family Cottage | House Calls

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Curbed breathes life into real estate and neighborhood news with witty and insightful coverage of the country’s most vibrant urban centers. Our editors relentlessly report on sales and rental prices, new developments, neighborhood trends, and celebrity deals.

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Furnace Ducts, Insulation, Bracing, Subfloor. From 2500 to 950 sq. ft. Family chooses minimalism.

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What does it take to put in mobile home subfloor? All the hidden systems below have to be in working order.

1. Belly fabric patched.
2. Drains repaired.
3. No leaks in water lines.
4. New furnace vents.
5. Tape all seams in ductwork.
6. Insulate ductwork.
7. Joists sanded because of glue and remaining subfloor.
8. Sister joists to support walls or new floor.
9. Cross bracing for every subfloor seam.
10. Get as much Insulation under it all as possible.

And be prepared for a lot of frustration. The joists might not be exactly square to each other. If you’re trying to get subfloor under existing walls, just know that it’s hard. Add in working around water lines and drains…measure, measure, and measure again.


Welcome Home by David Szeztay

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