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best crafts using aluminum foil.

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Save power with aluminum foil?

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Many people believe you can save on your monthly electricity bill by wrapping your appliance wires in aluminum foil or using special ‘scalar energy’ stickers.

These kind of ‘power savers’ are often promoted as part of multi level marketing, some of which are better known as pyramid schemes.

Usually instead of household aluminum foil, they’ll try to sell you a special ‘scalar energy’ sticker or expensive coffee that has a magic foil wrapper.

To ‘prove’ it’s working, they use some kind of electromagnetic meter to show the sticker or foil is preventing energy from escaping the wire and that saves you money on your bill.

If someone tries to get money out of you with this kind of scheme, make them demo it with a watt meter or power meter and you’ll know the truth.

Let me know in the comment section if you’d like me to review the oh-so-popular Surich Scalar Energy saver sticker.

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Heat Resistant Laminated Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric

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Alloy1060 1050 1100 8011 8021
TemperO H14 H24 H18 H22 H32 etc
PackageWooden Box
PortQingdao Tianjin
ApplicationAttic Insulation,Basement Wall Insulation,Roof Insulation etc
Heat Resistant Laminated Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric Basic Info:
Model NO.: PY1
Color: Silver
Trademark: SIGMA
Specification: 1.35mx30m/60m
Origin: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
Heat Resistant Laminated Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric Features:
1.Achieves thermal break and high R-Value performance reflecting up 97% of radiant heat flow
2. Significantly lowers the use of mechanical cooling and heating in buildings
3. Safe to handle, quick and easy installation
4.Water proof, no moisture retention, no fungi or bacterial growth and fiber free
5.Glue free manufacturing process, avoiding ozone depleting substances
6.Exceptional fire safety qualities including safe fire retardant additives and non-dripping technology
7.Solid version qualifies as an air and moisture barrier
Heat Resistant Laminated Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric Application:
1.Attic Insulation
Stop unwanted heat from entering your home through your roof by installing radiant barrier insulation in your attic
2.Basement Wall Insulation
Insulate the basement walls using radiant barrier.It is waterproof and does not promote the growth of mold or fungi
3.Roof Insulation
Radiant barrier provides a thermal block and a first line of defense against the heat of sun entering home’s attic.It keeps attic much cooler
4.Crawl Space Insulation
Installing it in the crawl spaces will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in summer.
5.Wall Insulation
Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient by installing the foil foam products.
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Tel: 86-371-86541330
WhatsApp: 13838103651

( 826 ) Experimenting with foil and embossing powder

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Please understand that I am in no way responsible for the way you use your paint and mediums.
Be careful and use the proper materials, ask a fellow artist or manufacturer if you have doubts.
Have a fire extinguisher at hand. Install a CO2 alarm. Use good ventilation. Never burn your paint or silicone, use a full face respirator, stay safe.

Thank you , have fun and make beautiful art.

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DIY – Aluminum foil crafts ideas – Best out of waste – Home decorating ideas from waste materials

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DIY – Aluminum foil crafts ideas – Best out of waste – Home decorating ideas from waste materials

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Heat Insulation Bubble Foil Malaysia – GSE ONLINE SDN BHD

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Bubble foil Radiant Barrier Malaysia , Radiant Barrier Malaysia , Attic Insulation Malaysia , Bubble Foil Malaysia , Reflective Insulation Malaysia , Bubble foil Insulation Malaysia , Air bubble insulation Malaysia , Foil Insulation Malaysia