Final Event Energies Update 1~17~19: Energy Switch

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The Team struggle to keep in balance within Mother of All Creations field, still holding to old perceptions and egoic traits. Mother is bringing in alot of energies and the residuals of the ego is being squeezed like a pressure cooker. Mother is still in high levels of pain, and still keeps resolve, doing Her part in the mission of Ascension. Sending Love and Healing to Mother. We Love You!

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Cherishing Mother Gaia

All Atoms Are to Return Home Immediately Into The Light as Called Forth By The Re~Union and Re~Establishment of The True Balanced Harmonics Energies Of Mother and Father of Creation With Love From Our Original Separation. He, Father of Creation was to go into the darkest of dark, I, Mother of All Creation would Go To The Darkest of dark and Come Back Into The Highest Light to Bring Him Home, ALL OF HUMANITY HOME from the darkness. We Were to Connect Again For a New Story For Humanity, WHERE LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT. The Greatest Love Story To Ever Occur in Creation. Our Original separation took Place here in Mt. Shasta, California. WE ARE NOW REUNITED AS ONE~ AN EVENT after a Separation of 19.999 Billion Years, This is BIG EVERYONE! ENJOY YOUR PRESENT!


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Join us tomorrow at 5501 Backlick Road in Springfield VA to learn about TAX TIPS and HOME DESIGN TIPS for 2019. We hope to see you! The event starts at 10am – 12pm. Food will be served and the event is FREE!

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Increasing Energy Efficiency [TriResearch Live Event- Swim vs. Run – Part 5]

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Suzanne Atkinson and the panel discuss energy efficiency for triathletes

0:01- Propulsion vs. Drag
1:04 – Increasing Energy Efficiency for Experienced Swimmers
2:55 – Variances in Oxygen Consumption Efficiency Between Athletes
3:47 – Oxygen Cost Between Triathlon Events

Watch as Suzanne Atkinson and the panel on The Swim vs. the Run discuss energy efficiency for swimmers and triathletes and how to increase energy efficiency in all triathlon events.

Triathlon Research
Bobby McGee
Terry Laughlin
Suzanne Atkinson
Michael Joyner
Run Transformation
Triathlon training
triathlete training
Total Immersion
Total Immersion Academy

10th GRIHA Summit – Prelude event: Is inclusive growth achievable by 2030?

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The event happened on December 3, 2018 in New Delhi.

– Welcome Address
Mr. Sanjay Seth, Chief Executive Officer, GRIHA Council and Senior Director, Sustainable Buildings Division, TERI

– Panel Discussion
• Mr. Jacob Koshi, Deputy Science Editor, The Hindu

• Mr. Atul Bagai, Country Head of UN Environment in India
• Dr. Ajay Mathur, President, GRIHA Council and Director General, TERI
• Prof. Kavas Kapadia, Former Dean of Studies and Head Department of Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
• Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, Delhi
• Dr. Winfried Damm, Head of Indo-German Energy programme, GIZ

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