How to Change Wallpaper on MICROMAX Canvas 6 – Set Up Display Look

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Find out how to set up wallpaper in MICROMAX Canvas 6. Set some particular picture as your Home Screen and update your Lock Screen shortly. Personalize your phone within a few seconds and have your most favorite photo on the Desktop.

How to Change Wallpaper in MICROMAX Canvas 6? How to update Home Screen in MICROMAX Canvas 6? How to set a new Wallpaper MICROMAX Canvas 6?

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iPhone / iPad Wallpaper, Display & Brightness Settings

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This video shows how change the background on your iPhone and iPad. We cover how to change the lock screen background, change the home screen background, use a picture for a background, change the brightness of the screen, use auto brightness, set up larger text size, dynamic type and bold text.

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LG Display shows 8K 31.5″, Wallpaper OLED, pOLED, Transparent OLED, 4K bezel-less and more

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LG shows their ultra-thin 77” OLED wallpaper display, the thinnest in the world, displays with speakers built-in, and other leading display technology such as the LG Mobile and VR displays such as a bezel-less 5.5″ 4K smartphone display, Plastic Flexible or Conformed OLED displays for upcoming Flexible Smartphones, 31.5″ 4K HDR narrow bezel PC Monitor, 10bit Curved 37.5″ WQHD+ display, 14″ 4K for the laptop market, 31.5″ 8K Display, in-touch systems on 14″, 15″, 23.8″ laptop displays for the 2-in-1 market. LG also shows some automotive displays such as a conformed 12.3″ plastic OLED display, 12.3″ 60% Transparent OLED for the automobile HUD market, LCD and OLED display as a hybrid 12.3 MLD where LCD can be the background and the OLED can show the needle. A 6.13″ mirror display. They also show a 55″ FHD 40% Transparent OLED Display. Filmed at SID Display Week.

LG Display OLED Wallpaper TV (long)

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LG Electronics sister company LG Display, world leading developer and producer of OLED showed some exciting new concepts during a media conference held in Seoul on May 19th 2015, including 1mm wallpaper OLED TV! Wouldn’t you like to have this in our living room at home?

This display is still a future concept, but a nice look into the future of TV while OLED continues to make its way to the consumer market. LG Electronics have been providing Full HD OLED TV’s in big sizes to consumers in the Nordics for over 1.5 years now, and in 2015 the first 4K OLED TV’s will be sold in the Nordics. For more information about LG OLED TV, see