Setting up the Ozone Cup with and without a Humidifier

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Ozone Cups allow you to target ozone to small areas, from 1” to 6”. In this video, we show you how to use the Ozone Cup with and without a humidifier. For more information on setting up an ozone humidifier, view this video:

Before starting this video, you will want to set up your oxygen source. To do this, check out our oxygen setup videos: Setting Up an Oxygen Tank ( and Setting Up an Oxygen Concentrator (

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The Basics of Ozone Therapy:
Choosing an Ozone Generator:
Setting Up The O3Elite Ozone Generator:

Wall Decor With Paper Cup Light Lamp | DIY | Home Decoration

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Wall Decor With Paper Cup Light Lamp | DIY | Home Decoration

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What’s inside a Yeti Cup?

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Is the YETI cup worth the money?!?! We HEAT tested to find out, then we CUT it in HALF to see the inside!!!

This is episode 3rd episode of “MUG WEEK”

Watch episode #1 here:

Watch episode #2 here:

Amazon Links to products we tested:
YETI Rambler Tumblers:
RTIC 30 oz:
Red Mighty Mug:
Aladdin Mug:

This was a great experiment that convinced us that the YETI is worth the money for keeping drinks the temperature they were meant to be. This was an independent review and we were not sponsored by any companies for this video.

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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