“YOUR WELCOME” Ep. 037 – In the Chamber – Maj Toure

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On the latest episode of “YOUR WELCOME” Michael Malice is joined by Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter to talk discuss his work bringing gun education and information into urban areas. Listen as they talk about the current narrative of guns in America, with many history lessons along the way.

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Home made cloud chamber to show radioactivity

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Home made diffusion cloud chamber (see to show alpha particles (larges traces) and high energy electrons (slight traces).
2 stacked peltier modules (50x50mm 200-300W, One around 12V powered, one around 7V powered) to provide -35°C. Keep in mind that peltier cell yield is ridiculous. In other words, they make heat much more than cold. For this reason, it is very important to have a low voltage on the upper module (copper plate side). Hardy can only do the small scale to Laurel, but not another Hardy…
Around global 12V 25A consumption.
150x100x2mm copper plate.
Cooling of the 12V powered peltier element by circulating tap water (at 12-18 ° C upon seasons).
The general mechanics is a kitchen container (220x150x160mm) with 2 cm of polystyrene under the copper plate. The thermal insulation of the plate (-35 °C) must be carefully studied. Isopropyl alcohol is placed on a sponge in a tray attached under the tight cover (two or three tablespoons each). This plateau can be at a potential of -1500V but it does not improve the traces of radiation.
The alcohol is set up 20 minutes after power-up with of course the opening of the container. The traces can be seen 30 minutes. It is then possible to reinjected alcohol. The opening of the container is very disturbing and you have to wait a few minutes. The problem is that you inject water every time because the condensation is frightening.

On the video, a piece of torbernite (radioactive stone) is added after 1 min.
The purple color is here an artifact of the smartphone that films. The real color is black and white.

Shropshire Chamber thank BEEP assessment for helping to reduce their energy bills by 40%

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Shropshire Chamber of Commerce supports businesses in the local community. Part of the support they provide involves helping them to reduce their energy costs. Despite this work, they had long overlooked their own building and associated heating and energy costs.

Through their partnership with the European Regional Development Funded Business Energy Efficiency Programme, they set the wheels in motion to find out what support they could receive. This led to them receiving a fully funded assessment of their building, which highlighted a whole host of areas where they could reduce their carbon footprint, and financial savings could be made.

During the process, Liz – an energy efficiency advisor working for BEEP – met Richard, the chief executive of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the energy usage on the site. Richard was surprised with the energy savings that could be made. Leading to them investing in new windows and doors, LED lighting and thermostatic valves for radiators.

This has resulted in a 40% reduction to their energy bills. With Richard recommending and encouraging other businesses to use the Business Energy Efficiency Programme.

Getting Started – Mekanism Mod 1.12: Enrichment Chamber, Solar Panels, & Wind Turbines

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In this Mekanism Mod spotlight I show you a guide to start generating more power in Mekanism 1.10, Mekanism 1.11, Mekanism 1.12, and Mekanism 1.13! In this video we cover Enrichment Chambers, Solar Generators, and Wind Generators.

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– Mekanism Advanced Solar Generators
– Mekanism Ore Duplication

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