DIY Solar Generator SOLN1-25 – How To Build

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This step by step video goes over the entire build process for the SOLN1-25. The SOLN1-25 is a portable solar generator that can be easily made using off the shelf components. It is a versatile all in one solar energy platform that can easily be modified, scaled and expanded upon to fit your individual needs.
SOLN1 25 Kit Assembly Video:
Link to parts list and build guides:
Buy ready made prototypes:

Fantastic Van Build with a Garage, Air conditioning and Lots of Solar

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Today we see what a lifelong carpenter can do when he sets his mind on building a wonderful Tiny Home on Wheels inside a van! Wayne has done such an amazing job of making a comfortable home that we can all pick up lots of great ideas from him!

Off grid solar update. How to build diy trackable solar panel mount

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I give a breakdown of materials, construction method, as well as practical application behind my scalable DIY solar mount that has an option for automated tilt.

100% Solar power is what i wanted. I did it. My home is powered 24 / 7 / 365 days a year from the sun. Solar during the day and of a night i run off the stored sunshine in my 35 kWh Battery bank.

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Please feel free to enjoy my Off-Grid system as well as my many How to videos.

Never Be Without Power again.

My Three most used sayings are.

My videos are for information only, all work should be done by licensed contractors.

Remember if the power go’s Out Then only the people that Prepared will have Power and Lights. And because of the cost. They have just enough for there needs. NOT YOURS.

Please enjoy.

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This is my Hobby. It just happens to power my house.
I also Design and build systems That work.

Any amount helps to fund some of the procurement costs for a DIY POWER WALL CHANNEL

FREE Heat – How To Build A Homemade, Passive Solar Heater Window Unit

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Our climate is changing so it is ever more important to manage heating and cooling in your home. This passive heater will save you money, too!

Build this window heater that uses the suns energy to heat your home or garage in the winter. No more drilling holes through the wall or rigging power hungry fans to blow air through your solar heater. This heater uses a thermosiphon effect to pull in room temperature (cold) air as it expels hot air into the room.

MINI PC ITX BUILD – 6 CORE / 12 THREAD – i7 8700

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Each of our computers is made according to your needs.
Workstations – 0 dB PCs – Professional PCs and Upgrades

Built for music production

Cpu: I7 6 core 12 thread
Ram: 16 Gb ddr4 3000Mhz
Gpu: UHD 630
Storage: 512 Gb ssd Pci-e & 2 Tb hard drive
Psu: 80 plus gold 450W over 90% energy efficiency
Thunderbolt support
Original Apple BCM94360CS2 for Wi-Fi

E-MAIL: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: hhtailormadepc

Build A DIY Solar PV/Thermal Array Pt 2: The Rack

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In this video I build the rack that will hold the solar collector panels. Click the card in the video to see Part 1 if you haven’t already, or visit the link below for more information about this project

The Life and Death of a Certain K. Zabriskie, Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Missouri Wind and Solar shows how to build DIY solar fish pond

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Link to the Suntaqe

Link to the Solar pond aeration kit



332 Cobblestone Drive
Seymour, Mo. 65746

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 1-417-708-5359

Missouri Wind and Solar offers a service no other DIY wind and solar company does – system design, installation advice, and detailed personal diagrams on how to wire the system together. You’re not blindly purchasing products you *think* you might need, you’re getting true customer and technical support before and after the sale.

How to Build a Radial Flow Solids Filter for Aquaponic Systems

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After a false start the other week I finally have a new Radial Flow Filter with 50mm/2″ piping installed into the aquaponics system.. The larger pipe has helped with the flow rates & I have no more air lock problems with the fish tank SLO (solids lifting outlet)..

The whole purpose of the filter is to slow the velocity of the water so the solids can precipitate out and be removed from the system.. For this to happen the water must slow its flow long enough inside the filter for the solids to settle out, this is called the retention time.. I have read in a few places that anything over 45 second retention time is acceptable for larger solids, with 2 min being the desirable amount of time for filters like ours..

The formula I use to see how long the water is retained in the filter before moving on is:
Size of filter (in litres) / flow rate (in litres per hour) = Retention time in hours.
(Same can be done in gallons & gallons per hour)
For our system the equation looks like this..
50 / 2700 = 0.0185
Multiply 0.0185 x 60 to turn that into minutes & we get 1minute 11seconds.

Hope that info helps some out there interested in setting up a solids capturing RFF..

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How to make a Solar Panel (part 3 of 3) – “how to build the case” – Easy DIY

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How to make a Solar Panel! (part 3 of 3) – “how to build the case”. Easy DIY. this is the final installment of a 3 part series on how to build a Solar Panel From Scratch. came out great! panel i designed is 6v/3.6A/21.6w (max) and can be used an a single “stand alone” panel or as part of a “3 panel set”. three of these homemade panels hooked in SERIES gives you a very similar voltage and power output to the 3 panel set that harbor freight sells and works great for charging 12 volt deep cycle batteries. a single one of these panels will power up (or charge up) tons of things. couple of notable things: works great to power up computer case fans (like the type in all of my solar thermal air heaters). note that even though many are 12 volt, they actually run well on any voltage from 6 to 12v. it’s also great for charging up most modern electronic devices. the panels’ six volt output and 3.6A (3600ma) should give a solid charge to most all of them. *since i posted the other 2 parts awhile ago and you have to “dig deep” into my channel to find them, i’ll post the entire 3 part video series as one video w/extras in a few days for easy viewing. couple of notes: i bought the cells as a “kit” on ebay. it comes with 36 to 40 cells (which is enough for three of my panels), the tabbing/buswire, the blocking diode, rosin marker etc… all for about $25.00. then adding in the lumber ($13 to $20) and glass (at $5 a sheet), the cost to build is relatively low (esp. if you make 3 panels). works out to about 25/30 bucks a panel. *a single panel would be roughly 45 to 48 bucks ~ $25 (for kit) $13 (lumber) $5 (glass), plus misc. items. couple other things: for the metal “look” you could use aluminum tape around the edges and paint the wood maybe white (before adding the cells) and the diode is rated 6A. individual solar cell specs: each is: 3″x6″ .5v/3.6A/1.8w. lumber: 1/2″ plywood (cut to 22/ 1/4″ x 18 1/4″), Four one-inch square wooden dowels (2 cut to 22 1/4″ and 2 cut to 16 1/4″) and Four 3/8″ square wooden dowels. the glass is 16″ x 20″ standard window glass. notable hardware: Four 1.5″ screws (for the frame) and Fourteen one-inch screws (for the back). 100% clear silicone caulk. UPDATE: (11/17/2016) i just posted a video on how to make a wooden solar panel stand (specifically for this panel). if interested here’s the link
here’s the link to the “Complete Build” video