Lasko Ceiling Fan (70s, ornate bottom plate, made in Japan, cane blades sold separately)

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I buy, sell, and trade vintage ceiling fans. I also do commercial fan/lighting related projects, am connected with several major fan manufacturers, I am happy to talk to anyone ages 2-200 interested in ceiling fans! Like my Facebook page:

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Full Foam Hot Tub Leak Repair Bottom Access in the Freezing Winter!

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Are you doing a repair? Using the wrong foam to fill those gaps when you’re done can create future headaches.

Choosing a foam to re-insulate with can be overwhelming, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are some things to consider:
(*Please add your own in the comments section if you feel we’ve missed something)

1. Look for a foam that is around 0.5 lbs density, and of the “open cell” variety if possible. Also spend a little money and get a nice spray nozzle for application. Depending on the size of the repair you may need the ability to cover a wide area, we don’t recommend single bottle brands such as Great Stuff for this reason, plus those foams are way to difficult to remove if you ever need to in the future.

2. Don’t re-insulate with spray foam if you can’t afford it. Yes technically it’s the right way, but stuffing in standard pink insulation instead of spray foam can be just as effective and a lot cheaper.

3. If you use spray foam do wear protective gloves, masks, apron, tie hair back… Be Smart!… This stuff is not a toy, and very nasty in its uncured state. It might seem excessive, but trust me you’ll thank us!

More often than not minor leaks are very difficult to find. Because of this the repair costs of inexpensive components can become very costly, in most cases the insulation needs to be almost completely removed and replaced because it is saturated with water. Without proper ventilation the wet foam becomes moldy, and can rot any wood frame work it is in contact with. Wet foam is also not great for energy efficiency during cold weather.

Food for thought, thank-you for watching!

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