Lasko Ceiling Fan (70s, ornate bottom plate, made in Japan, cane blades sold separately)

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Hunter Ceiling Fan With Lights & Remote Control in Brushed Nickel + Modern Fan Blades | MySuLonE

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A tribute to my Hunter ceiling fan. This thing is a workhorse during the hot summer months. These ceiling fans with lights and remote controls are awesome and make turning on/off the lights as well as controlling the fan speed a breeze (see what I did there?).

( – Quick Link to bestselling Hunter Ceiling mount fans like the one in the video)

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A/C is expensive. So, running the ceiling fan as much as possible in conjunction with the air conditioning helps to keep the electric bill low during the summer. I’d melt / go broke without it. Okay, probably not, but maybe.

The ceiling fan is the brushed nickel exterior with cherry wood or light birch wood fan blades that can be flipped to match your home or room decor. This fan actually didn’t come with a remote kit. I purchased a remote control kit separately and installed it. The receiver goes in the top mount between the fan wiring and the house wiring. It’s a simple box and the installation was a breeze (see what I did there again?). You set the dip switches on the receiving unit and the remote and you’re all set.

The remote takes 2x AA batteries and has an on/off light button and 3 fan level buttons and on/off for the fan. No more having to pull the ceiling fan pull chain. Just have the remote handy and it’s that simple.

Of the top brands in indoor home ceiling fans, Hunter fans are up there with Hampton Bay, Casablanca, Harbor Breeze, Hugger, Minka Aire, and Emerson ceiling fans as top selling and popular brands / models. We have a White ceiling fan from Hampton Bay in another room. It has smaller blades and made for kids rooms. The one in this video is more modern / contemporary and the unique dual-sided replacement fan blades make it easy to match different settings. But the other one is a flush mount style that’s more low profile and is much less heavy. However, the globe for the light bulbs is a nice touch to create a more calming lighting situation in the bedroom.

Would I recommend Hunter ceiling fans to my friends and family and you? Yes. But, if there isn’t a style that fits your room, pick any ceiling fan with lights because it’s better than melting from the summer heat!

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Litex Close Up Ceiling Fan (With Stencil Blades)

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Recorded on May 28th,2016 using my sister’s LG Android Phone

This is a video request for Adin’s Corner Of Fans And Other Things 2004 to see a video of this fan with stencil blades.

Here is once again the Litex Close Up 42″ Ceiling Fan in White with polished brass accents,it is dated April of 1986 and it blows a good amount of air,and it is a powerful ceiling fan,etc. It has reversible blades from plain to stencil, but this time is shown with stencil blades.