Arlington Arts & Crafts | Shedding the Old Look: 3810

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Homeowner Emily has always wanted an enclosed space for her yoga and it was decided an outdoor shed would be the perfect solution. Kevin meets the foreman of the shed company who will oversee the one-day process. The walls come pre-assembled and raised like an old-fashioned barn raising. Tommy comes by at the end to inspect the construction. On the main house, a standing seam copper roof is installed over the front porch. Kevin and Tommy watch the final pieces go on. Then Tommy shows Kevin how to trim a window using a PVC product. He shows Kevin his special technique of using a rabbet joint to connect the joints. Down in the basement, Richard watches as a state of the art boiler gets installed by plumber Kevin Bilo. This new system will take a huge bite out of the high heating bill. Then Richard takes a road trip an hour away to visit a newly built house that uses advance building techniques and eco-friendly materials to achieve remarkable energy efficiency.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | A New Look to Match the Old: 3808

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Demo of the old walls for the addition revealed a hidden doorway to the kitchen from the main hall. Norm and Charlie tackle the job of opening up the old entry way. The homeowners have a beautiful design plan for the new master bath, but it presents a classic plumbing problem. Richard shows how the open space below the bath must be traversed by drain and vent pipes. There are several distinctive features that will change the front of the house. The roof on the front porch has a special shape, as do the brackets on the side of the house. To create the elaborate cuts required for these features, Tommy’s team turns to a special shop that creates them with computerized cutting machines. Norm gets a tour of the shop and sees the brackets and porch rafters in the making. Back at the jobsite, electrician Scott Caron gets started with his work in the first floor powder room where he installs a ceiling fan, and gets ready for switches and outlets. The living room had three single pane windows that did not open. Nick and Emily want to replace them with double hung windows that fit with the Arts and Crafts style of the house. Today Tommy and Charlie are putting in new energy efficient windows.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | One Brick at a Time: 3806

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Now that the firebox is installed, it’s time to start the new chimney for the addition. Mark McCullough, expert mason on the project, gets an apprentice for the day – a homeowner. Then he travels to Bridgewater, MA to visit a brick-making factory and gets a tour from the 4th generation owner, Lincoln Andrews. Mark watches how the bricks are mixed, formed, cut, and baked at the 100-year-old factory that provides bricks throughout New England. After several years with a tiny kitchen, Emily and Nick are excited to design the space of their dreams. Kevin meets them at a cabinet shop in the quaint New England city of Bath, Maine, where kitchen designer Heather Krausse reveals her ideas for their project. Back at the house, Kevin finds Tommy up on the roof changing the pitch of the two back dormers to match the pitch of the new gable created by the addition.

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Arlington Arts & Crafts | A Steely Den: 3805

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Tommy and Kevin take a road trip to see how the steel beams used in our house are fabricated. The beams are trucked to the site and Kevin finds Tommy supervising erection on the back of the house. The third floor has been demo’ed and now Richard can start an HVAC plan for the second floor. He’s looking on the third floor for a location for an air handler and duct work to provide air to the floor below. The front porch must be demo’ed to make way for a new design. With the help of heavy machinery, Tommy’s crew does the job quickly. Then Tommy walks Kevin through the process of placing footings for the new porch. Kevin finds Mark McCullough working on the firebox. Kevin wants to learn the dark art of figuring firebox size and chimney height.

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Arlington Arts & Crafts | To Paint or Not to Paint: 3807

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The homeowners want a unique look for their kitchen. They think a custom range hood will fill that vision. Kevin visits the shop of Ed Packard, otherwise known as the Tin Man, to find out how the range hood is coming together. The original chimney has seen better days and needed to be demo’ed. Kevin goes up on the roof to watch Mark McCullough build a new one. Nick and Emily need to make some design choices in order to move construction along. Kevin finds Emily and Jill Goldberg, the designer, in the new family room discussing options for the fireplace. They want to somehow hide the television, which will be over the fireplace. Other decisions to make are tile for the first floor powder room and whether to paint the wood panels in the living room. Up on the third floor there’s a small problem that Norm and Charlie Silva need to figure out. All the way down in the basement, both the original floor and new slab floor are being coated with a speckled epoxy.

This Old House is the No. 1 multimedia home enthusiast brand, offering trusted information and expert advice through award-winning television and video.