Absolutely Beautiful and Cheap Custom Built 24′ Tiny House with Appliances Furnished

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Absolutely Beautiful and Cheap Custom Built 24′ Tiny House with Appliances Furnished
Price: $35,000.00
Size: 315 sq ft 2 beds 1 baths
Location: Marion, KS 66861

I’m excited to give you an opportunity to see my incredible Tiny Home.
Thanks for looking

8.5’ W x 24’L x 13.5’H
315 sq ft with 2 lofts (Main floor 180 sq ft, 2 Lofts 68 sq ft each)

24’ bumper-pull Trailer manufactured by Tumbleweed
Triple 5k lb axles
Stabilizer Jacks on all corners

2×4 framing 16” OC
R-21 Insulation (Closed cell foam in floor, walls & ceiling)
Red metal Roof (No exposed fasteners)

Cedar Siding
LED lighting (porch and bright yard lights)
Built-in shed on trailer tongue for Storage

2 Lofts, each easily accommodating a queen size mattress
Bamboo Flooring throughout the house
LED Lighting throughout
Vaulted ceiling & Fan in great room
Full size Sofa
Hanging Storage under stairs
Composting Toilet
2’ x 3’ Tub/Shower
Front loading Washing Machine

Galley Kitchen:
Solid wood custom soft close Cabinetry
Laminate Countertop with full size undermount stainless steel Sink
10 cu ft Fridge/Freezer
4 burner Range/Oven – Propane

50 amp hookup
Progressive dynamics AC/DC power distribution panel
-Allows for easy integration of Solar Power in the future
Tankless exterior Water Heater-Propane
9000 BTU Mini split A/C and heat pump system

Sold As-Is. Customer Pick up. Trailer Title ready for you.

Features Include: Sleeping Loft, Laundry, Covered Porch, Deck, and Stairs

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Energy Star Appliances | Appleton, WI – Bob’s Quality Heating & Air Conditioning

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Energy Star Appliances are a great way to save money on your energy bill. Contact us to see if an Energy Star system is a good fit for your home. Visit: bobsqualityheating.com

About Bob’s Quality Heating & Air Conditioning:
Bob’s Quality Heating & Air Conditioning is your reliable source for heating and air conditioning services. We serve residents of Appleton, WI, Neenah, WI, and the surrounding areas. Our services cover everything from a simple fix to more complex issues. For more information, call 920-731-6744 or visit bobsqualityheating.com For more information, call 920-731-6744 or visit bobsqualityheating.com.

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Energy Star Appliances | Appleton, WI – Bob’s Quality Heating & Air Conditioning

Calorimetric room for measuring the energy efficiency of household refrigerating appliances

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Workstation for measuring energy efficiency of refrigerating appliances.

The workstation is designed for automated measurements of energy efficiency parameters of refrigerating appliances in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 62552.

The appliances can be used in the following cases:
• in measuring and certification laboratories and centers;
• during mass production and control of refrigerating appliances parameters;
• during the prototypes development of new refrigerating appliances.

The workstation consists of a thermostated chamber, which can maintain the inside temperature in the range of +10 to + 43°C with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C.
The chamber has six test sites for refrigerating appliances, which allows simultaneous measurements of up to 6 units.

The chamber is powered by 400V 50 Hz three-phase network. The power consumption of the chamber is not more than 100 kVA.

The chamber is equipped with sliding double-leaf doors with dimensions of 2100x1900mm (the door dimensions may be different at the customer request).

Fully automated workstation allows automatically measure all energy efficiency parameters of refrigerating appliances and generate reports and protocols in accordance with the chosen measurement program.

The software is written on LabView and has many convenient functions for control, monitoring and analyzing the equipment under test.

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GCSE Physics Revision: Efficiency of appliances | Energy Efficiency At Home Appliances

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Learn about what physics actually is, why it’s awesome, and why you should come with me on a ride through understanding the wacky universe in which we live.

What is considered work in physics?

To a physicist, only parts of it are. Work is done when a force that is applied to an object moves that object. The work is calculated by multiplying the force by the amount of movement of an object (W = F * d). A force of 10 newtons, that moves an object 3 meters, does 30 n-m of work.
What is the meaning of work in science?

In science, the word work has a different meaning than you may be familiar with. The scientific definition of work is: using a force to move an object a distance (when both the force and the motion of the object are in the same direction.)

What is power in science definition?

Power – Scientific Definition.Power is the rate (energy amount per time period) at which work is done or energy converted. The scientific unit of power is the watt (W), which is equal to one joule (energy amount) per second (time period).

What is power in science definition?

Power – Scientific Definition.Power is the rate (energy amount per time period) at which work is done or energy converted. The scientific unit of power is the watt (W), which is equal to one joule (energy amount) per second (time period).

What is difference between power and energy?

Power is the capacity of energy, which is being used. … While energy is ‘joules’, power is ‘joules per second. Well, in another words Power is ‘watt and Energy is ‘watt-hour’. Another difference is that energy can be stored whereas power cannot be stored.

What is the formula of acceleration?

Rearrange the equation F = ma to solve for acceleration. You can change this formula around to solve for acceleration by dividing both sides by the mass, so: a = F/m. To find the acceleration, simply divide the force by the mass of the object being accelerated.

What are the 3 types of acceleration?

To my knowledge there arethree types of accelerationwhen a body (e.g. a rod) is moving in a circle about an axis. These are: Angularacceleration : this is the rate of change of angular velocity.

What is acceleration with example?

Acceleration is a change in speed. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of acceleration is a change in the rate of motion, speed or action. An exampleof acceleration is increasing your driving speed from 45 to 55 to merge with traffic.

What is the meaning of acceleration in science?

In physics or physical science,acceleration (symbol: a) isdefined as the rate of change (or derivative with respect to time) of velocity. It is thus a vector quantity with dimension length/time². In SI units,acceleration is measured in meters/second² using an accelerometer.
Work and energy. … Simply put, in many cases, energy is the ability of an object to do work. Some definitions of work state that it is a transfer of energy from one object to another. Like work, energy is measured in joules. There are two main types of energy: kinetic energy and potential energy.

Is work a type of energy?
TRUE – Work is a form of energy, and in fact it has units of energy. … m2/s2 is a mass unit times a speed squared unit, making it a kinetic energy unit and equivalent to a Joule. e. FALSE – Work is not dependent on how rapidly the force displaces an object; power is time-based and calculated by force multiplied by speed.

What is work energy power?

Work, Power, and Energy. From Wikiversity. work power energy is a very important concept in physics. Work done by all the forces is equal to the change in kinetic energy .

How is energy and work related?

There is a strong connection between work and energy, in a sense that when there is a net force doing work on an object, the object’s kinetic energy will change by an amount equal to the work done: Note that the work in this equation is the work done by the net force, rather than the work done by an individual force.

For details please visit the following site’s.

I am Amir, BSc(final) at University of Chicago
[email protected]

Will update soon.


Home Energy Efficiency Tips: Energy Star Appliances

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Home appliances are some of the biggest energy users, but making the right choices can lead to big savings.

The Alliance to Save Energy’s Monique O’Grady says EnergyStar appliances are engineered to preform as well or better than comparable non-efficient models while using less energy. The label appears on more than 60 types of products, including electronics, lighting, windows and major appliances.

Replacing older appliances with Energy Star models can pay off quickly. An Energy Star dishwasher costs about $40 less per year to run than its 15-year-old counterpart, and an Energy Star refrigerator runs 20 percent more efficiently than the minimum federal standard, saving $165 over its lifetime.

Many states can help you add to those savings with rebates and tax incentives.

XIAOMI OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker 300W Smart 1.2L Kitchen Appliances Rice Cooker

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XIAOMI OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker 300W Smart 1.2L Kitchen Appliances Rice Cooker

– Innovative Bowl Shape Heating Plate
Compared with the traditional heating chassis, the bowl design can enclose the inner heat of the inner tank more efficiently, and achieve continuous boiling in the pot, allowing the heat to penetrate the rice.

– NTC Temperature Probe
Accurate temperature measurement, real-time monitoring of the cooking level of rice, locking the nutrition of rice

– PFA Powder Coating
The thickened cast inner liner is heated to gather energy, which effectively improves the efficiency of cooking. Specially selected Dajin food contact grade PFA powder coating, lasting anti-shedding, cooking rice porridge non-stick pan cleaning is easier

– 300W Low Power
Energy saving rice cooker.An average of 1 kWh can cook 2-3times, economical and practical.

– One-button Cooking
Function panel operation is very simple, one button to open

Specification :
Model QF1201
Attachment Configuration
Rice spoon (PP material)
Measuring cup (PP material)
Color White
Weight 1470g
159.5 x 189.5 x 190 mm
Capacity 1.2L
Control Method
The Main Function
Cooking, Porridge, Appointment, Insulation
NOTE : We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the country in the shipping address

Package Includes :
1 x XIAOMI OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker

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