Blueair Series 500 & 600 Air Purifier Filter Change. Fits All 501 & 601 Model Air Purifiers!

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Changing your Blueair Series 500 & 600 Air Purifier Filter is easier than ever with this step by step video courtesy of Crucial Air. Save time and money by order direct from Crucial Air. We offer free shipping within the US.

These filters fits Blueair models 501, 503, 550E, 601, 603, 650E models and ALL Blueair 500 & 600 Series Air Purifiers.

These filters are as deluxe as they come with Built-In Odor Neutralizing Particle Pre-Filters in each filter and are a must for allergy sufferers! The filter dimensions are : 10 x 14 x 9 inches.

DIY air filter for filtering smoke

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This is a DIY air filter for filtering out smoke in your home or office during wildfires in your area. It is by no means an end all solution for filtering all of the smoke out, but it will make your area more comfortable to live or work in.

The concept comes from a wood shop trick for filtering fine sawdust particles. I have changed the rating on the filter for smoke. You will want at least an MPR rating of 1000. Higher the better for this.

This video was created for the 2017 fires in Mendocino and Sonoma counties in California.

Box Fan:

Air Filter:

Bees create their own air conditioning

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Bee colonies create their own private source of air conditioning!

On hot days it’s not uncommon to see bees congregating at the entrance of the hive fanning their wings. They do this for several reasons, including to help regulate the temperature and keep the brood nest at around 32-35°C (89.6-95°F). This bee “air conditioning” helps to promote circulation, creating ventilation which allows the colony to breathe. In times of nectar flow, fanning also helps to reduce the moisture content of stored nectar to below 18% to cure it into honey.

So bees have the right advice this holiday season – keep cool and remember to breathe!

Happy Beekeeping!

Improve Old Air Conditioning & Heating Systems in College Station. Lower Energy Bill A/C Service

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Improve Old Air Conditioners with this A/C Service in College Station.
Reduce Energy Bills and Improve Comfort of homes with older systems. Easy way to save money, reduce run time, wear and tear on A/C and heating systems. Works great for heat pumps in College station.