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Clara and Merry flee back to the ceremony and the Doctor faces the creature, realising it feeds off memories, stories, and feelings. He tries to overfeed it by offering the sum total of his Time Lord memories; Merry also leads the citizens in a song of hope, confusing Akhaten. Subscribe:

Taken from Doctor Who: Series 7, Episode 2 – The Rings of Akhaten.

The Thirteenth Doctor:
Title Sequences:

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35 thoughts on “Speech to Akhaten | The Rings of Akhaten | Doctor Who

  1. No matter how many times I watch this I can't get over it. It's moments like this that make you think, and realize immortality is not all it's cracked up to be.

  2. “No space, no time, just Me”, I just realised that this is prophetic of when he is with Ashildr/Me, when the universe is expiring

  3. This will always be who the Doctor is, to me.

    Eleven came in answer to a scared little girl’s prayer to be saved. He was still forming, and so he formed himself into her protector.

    And here now, still; standing between a scared kid and her scary monster, offering himself in her place.

    And he doesn’t even think he’s a hero.

    Maybe not. But he’s my hero anyways.

  4. Wow, does anybody else tear up watching this scene, this is the main reason why I think he is one of the three BEST Doctors (#1 Tom Baker #2 Matt Smith #3 David Tennant) the words, the body language, the facial expression, the anger the pain, the hurt, the one tear streaming down, then after all that the stumped shoulders",Nuff Said"

  5. The first lines Merry sings; “rest now, my warrior.”

    The Doctor smiles, grand and happy and sad, and gets his idea; I’ll tell you a story. The story of my life. You can have it, if you can take it.

    I think he was so ready to rest…..

  6. I loved this episode so much. It brought tears to my eyes in so many ways, but it also reminds me of a problem.

    Doctor Who had so many wonderful and beautiful moments and this was just one of many.
    But if I search for good moments with the new Whittaker Doctor, a one hour search on Youtube only throws her racist and sexist views into my face and a 7 second video of her making weird faces.
    Thats it. That's the female doctor.

    Whittaker is a mediocre actor and sexist Naz*i, the new writer is trash and BBC's political agendas are bringing shame to us women and minorities by crapping all over what's not their new demographic.

    I'm genuinely sad, but everything must unfortunately come to an end. And Doctor Who ended for me with Patrick Capaldi.
    Matt Smith brought me so much joy in my life. And as a lesbian, I was always happy when Vastra appeared too. She and Jenny were amazing characters. And they didn't have to be a forced female doctor. No, they were great on their own. The female doctor on the other hand isn't a role model to young girls. She is just a big sign screaming "Hey, we woman are trash. Please hate us."

    And I'm starting to beat around the bush…

    As a female and as a lesbian (Howdy. I hope I fit your demographic, BBC), I genuinely say: I miss the male doctor. He helped me often with my depression. He helped me in times when I was considering to end my life.
    I miss Doctor Who without or at least with more subtle politics.

    I watch TV to escape reality. Not to watch a political forced dumpsterfire full of sexist and racist views.
    I watch Doctor Who, because I want to see a cool time traveler helping the universe. Not to watch a feminazi and her writer friend attack everyone who doesn't fit their demographic.

    Nonetheless, I will always be thankful for the "old time". Thankful to the actors and the creators. Thankful for all the good things that happened before the Whittaker doctor showed up.

  7. this is one of my favourite moments of the doctor . I wish the new Doctor would have more of such moments, the references to all the past things Doctor has done, the time war and experiences.

  8. I appreciate the character building moment we had with Clara when she shows up with her leaf, but seriously the episode would have had a far more powerful and melancholic ending if that had just been the thing to kill the parasite. More painful and more sad, and far more impactful.

  9. I walked away from the last Great Time War.
    I marked the passing of the Time Lords.
    I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time.
    No space.
    Just me.
    I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man.
    I've watched universes freeze and creations burn.
    I've seen things you wouldn't believe.

    I have lost things you will never understand.
    And I know things. Secrets that must never be told. Knowledge that must never be spoken.

    Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze.

    So come on, then. Take it!
    Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all"


  10. This is by far my favourite episode and my favourite speech. It's the first time that the 11th doctor explains how he truly feels and how much he has lost. The speech is so powerful it moved me. I also love how Clara gets her big moment in this saving the doctor and everyone else. She proved to the doctor that she is worthy of the opportunity to be his companion. And the doctor agrees

  11. I need a video where it’s just Matt’s dialogue, I love the speech but I don’t wanna be reminded of Clara or this episode ever again. Such a shame a speech of this magnitude couldn’t have been written into Matt’s final episodes, his last episode was too soft for my liking.

  12. The emotions, the words, the body language, the expressions with the words. I actually legit bawled my eyes out at this scene. The way the doctor portrays his feelings and emotions that he’s bottled up and tried to throw away as best as he could. Over a thousand years worth of knowledge and memory that no one could ever come close to. Just the way he expresses it got me crying. Looking at the face, hearing how he “exhausts” out his words, and the tear running down his cheek. Really one of my favorite scenes, and can absolutely say that the 11th doctor is and forever will be my favorite doctor.

  13. I've seen so many sides of doctor in so many different faces but to me the eleventh and the twelve captured one which is almost never seen in this entire series the true side of the doctor everyone acks like he is a different person with each regeneration with the same memories but that not true he is as he's always been an old explorer cursed to gain and love his companions and charges only to loose them all in the end

  14. And there is The Doctor..in his pain and pride.. there is an old man´s soul shattered and revived, always rushing and running ..towards or away? … That is the Doctor I will remember.

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