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Solar Panels Napa Call us TODAY! (650) 727-9272 for prompt response and BEST PRICES from Solar Panels Napa.

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Why Choose Semper Solaris, a California Solar Company?
Locally and veteran owned – BBB accredited with an A+ rating
We make solar easy to understand – Best prices in California
Impeccable installations – Products designed in America
Discounts for Military, Police and Firemen – Exceptional customer service
A California Solar Company with Military Roots serving Solar Panels Napa.

Semper Solaris
2505 Amaral Court
Hayward, CA 94544
(650) 727-9272

At Semper Solaris, we bring the same discipline and attention to detail we gained in the military to all of our projects. We recognize that our reputation is on the line with each job that we take, and so we do everything we can to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The results speak for themselves. We have received numerous awards, maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and rely on referrals from happy clients as a major part of our business.

We are proud to be a top solar company and to install solar panels in San Francisco for a growing customer base in California and offering Solar Panels Napa.

“Solar power is all about the freedom to afford to run your AC. We make solar simple, stripped of hype, high pressure and high prices, the basic reality of solar electricity is simple. It’s a math problem, with an obvious answer. No land needs to be bought or leased, as it is already present. No additional infrastructure needs to be installed, as the home wiring is generally sufficient and the home is already tied into the grid.
With current prices as low as they are, there will likely never be a better time to go solar.” with the Solar Panels Napa
– John Almond Co-founder, Semper Solaris
CALL US TODAY ! 888 – 210-3366

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Solar Panels Napa

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