Should you stay in school?

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You decide you want to live the simple life and travel instead of getting a 9 to 5 job. Maybe you want to go cruising full time! There is no college major for “cruising” so why go to school?
In this video, Herby and Maddie talk about their thoughts on education and if it’s worth it if you want to live your life instead of work your life.

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19 thoughts on “Should you stay in school?

  1. Hi I love following your adventures. What's the picture on the upper left of the screen? Looks like it's from CyanideandHappiness. Another one of my favorite things on YouTube.

  2. Interesting topic.  I believe higher education is a personal choice.  Like someone said earlier, higher education is not for everyone.  I also disagree that because you went to college, you are better at problem solving, more mature, or anything else for that matter.  I dropped out of college but have had a very successful career as an executive in high-tech and retired at a Director level position from an $85B Company.  I have had many MBA's working for me that could not find their way out of a paper bag. lol  Don't get me wrong though, I believe folks should go to college.  I would never advocate not going or, dropping out.  I just do not believe it gives you what some people (especially the colleges) would like you to think.  I believe college provides a foundation to build upon. Nothing more than that.  You then have to figure out what you want to do and work your tail off to get there.  I have a son who is a very successful engineer and a daughter who is very successful in the world of art.  Obviously, they both are college grads.  What you have done and are doing, works very well for you and that is terrific.  I think the problem most young people have is figuring out what they want to do and how to map out their life.  You both have gotten through that.  Best of luck and happy sailing!  😉

  3. I skipped a chance to attend one of the biggest aviation schools. The recruiter ask my if id rather work on planes or supervise mechanics in an office in an attempt to sell me on not working on planes. So i became a truck driver. I disagree with school and im an autodidact. I hate to be that guy but schools just too mainstream yo haha

  4. To me, one of the worst things you can do if you are looking to get into a relationship is bring school or any other sort of debt with you. Stay out of debt.

  5. I'm not sure if education directly correlates to happiness. I'm pretty sure suicide rates are higher for people with education.

  6. The day always comes when you must swallow the anchor, and having a good means of earning a living becomes very important.

  7. I agree. Finish your education, whatever it is. However, I think you miss the point – the field of choice has to be viable. A four-year art history degree all but guarantees a job that includes French fries. There are sooo many degree-carrying people that cannot find a position in their field. However, a blue collar welder can easily pull $100K annually and pay for those out of work degree holders. Watch this interview —

  8. “Higher education” is not for everyone. Just because a person has a degree, or multiple degrees, does not mean that they are automatically guaranteed a high paying job. Many come out of college and grad school with student loan debt that makes life rather prohibitive. There are plenty of people who work in trades and make an extremely good living. YOUR dream is not everyone’s dream, and your super preachy attitudes are proof that formal education does not necessarily equate to a truly educated mind.

  9. Could not agree more. I got the degree, worked, raised a family and got into sailing in retirement. As the say education helps with critical thinking and problem solving. I enjoy your videos and range of topics. Keep them coming.

  10. I agree wth your conclusion. Life is long. You can’t be sure that this is what you will do continuously through your life. A better education elevates your opportunities, unless you are a person with great natural talent and have the ability to create your own opportunities.

    Here is a story for you Maddie. When I built my first boat in the seventies I would visit other yards to see what people were doing. I came upon a couple, building a smaller version of Helsal (famous ferro cement boat), whose income technique was to, in their little shed under the bow of their boat, set up 10 canvasses around the shed, then follow each other around building up 10 paintings in production style. It was office art, but in fact really good. And very fast. One of the most creative things I have found over the years.

  11. On a serious note
    Even if you don't work with your degree you actually need one because the experience makes your mind work on overdrive and that is phenomenally important for future problem solving techniques and planning your life, i mean just look at our nerd the rigging Dr and at how meticulous he is, do you think he would have been able to lure Maddie if he didn't have the degree ?
    No chance..

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