Should You Install A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen?

Ceiling fans improve air circulation in any room in your home including bedrooms, family rooms, and bathrooms.  They’re especially helpful in the kitchen, but there are some things you should consider.

Cleanliness:  The kitchen is one room in your home where cleanliness is critical.  Ceiling fans tend to collect dust, pet hair and grime, especially if there’s a lot of moisture in the area.  If you clean your fan frequently and regularly it won’t be a problem.  But it’s best to make sure your fan isn’t installed directly over the stove or food prep area.

Height:  In a kitchen it’s especially important to make sure the fan blades are at least 7 feet above the floor.  A kitchen is a high traffic area, especially if you entertain a lot.  You don’t want your guests getting bopped on the head!

 Fire Hazard:  With all the electrical appliances you have in your kitchen there’s always the possibility that something might go wrong.  Older wiring, for instance, often can’t hold up under the additional load and add a ceiling fan to the mix and you have a potential fire hazard on your hands.  Before installing your kitchen ceiling fan, it might be a good idea to have your wiring inspected, especially if you live in an older home.

A ceiling fan in the kitchen presents another unique opportunity for disaster.  Lightweight items like those plastic grocery bags, recipe cards, and the pages of cookery books, can be blown around the counter and right onto the top of the hot stove.  In a matter of seconds your kitchen can burst into flames.  All of which makes it sound like you should never install a ceiling fan in your kitchen, right.

But the truth is, the kitchen is one of the most ideal locations in your home.  In most homes, the kitchen is the gathering place for the entire family.  You cook in the kitchen, eat in the kitchen and entertain in the kitchen.  So it only makes sense that the kitchen would be one of the rooms you’d want to be most comfortable, throughout the year.

Follow these safety tips for kitchen ceiling fans:

  • Clean your ceiling fan frequently and regularly to prevent build-up of dust and grime.  The kitchen is the last room where you want to harbor a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Install your kitchen ceiling fan at least two feet from all walls and sloped ceilings.  Avoid installing your fan directly over food prep areas, stove tops, and sinks.
  • If you’re the least bit concerned about the age of the wiring, have it inspected for safety.
  • Use clips or weights to hold recipe cards, cookbooks and other feather-light objects from floating onto the stove.
  • If you do a lot of cooking and baking you might want to consider a damp ceiling fan.  The blades are resistant to moisture and humidity, which prevents warping and extends the life of the fan.

When used properly a ceiling fan can be a huge benefit in the kitchen, just like it is in any other room in your home. If you need information on the best brands and manufactures click here.


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  1. Nice article. They are truly a must thing to consider before installing a ceiling fan in the kithchen. Specially for busy mom like me who has no regular time cleaning the fan 🙂

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