Rugby vs. Football Hardest Hits Reaction

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4 thoughts on “Rugby vs. Football Hardest Hits Reaction

  1. so that was all rugby union big hits. you should check out rugby league and AFL (Australian football league) big hits. slightly different games with different styles of hits. AFL hits are somewhere between NFL and rugby. No pads, but a lot more blindsided tackles because of the style of play.

  2. Please make a reaction on Calcio Storico video named" the most dangerous game in football "! No one has did it on internet , i think you'll be the first !! If you want sport and warriors , that's for you !!! It has english subs ! I can't wait your reaction !! 💪💪💪💪 they are real gladiators , go on it now 💣💣

  3. Great reaction bro. They are both very physical. The difference is the cardio and endurance playing flat out for 80 min have to play defence and offence at the same time. Good ol grid iron is short burst physical and athletic plays.

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