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🏭Electric jalousie windows for smoke ventilation and natural ventilation. This factory installed a row of high jalousie windows for ventilation. The window could trigger either by smoke alarm or manual operation.

💨The mechanism is based on KST-A01 linear actuators. It’s took about 6 secs for fully opened or closed. Efficiently extract warm air around roof and keep air flow inside the factory.

☑ Automatic Window Opener For Jalousie Windows:

☑ KST-A01 Linear Actuator:

☑ More actuators from Soon Industrial:

☑ More cases of automatic window openers:


Soon Industrial specialized in motion system design and application. Starting from 1998, with nearly 20 years of experience of linear actuator. Our product mainly applicated as automatic window opener. Improving natural ventilation of all range of architectures. And open those windows where people couldn’t reach. Inline design is the most significant advantage of our products. Reduced the mounting area, great weather resistance, and well-fitting to any space. Well made in Taiwan, introducing to the global market.

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