Rented house decor ideas || Affordable and easy || Interior Maata

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Hey family , Here are few tips to design your rented house . You can pick them for your hostel , rented house , mess even for your home too . I hope you enjoy the video


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43 thoughts on “Rented house decor ideas || Affordable and easy || Interior Maata

  1. In this young age you are very talented and matured great job go on doing sisterπŸ‘Œ show kitchen organisation videos

  2. Can you please tell me curtain ideas for rental house… Because in my rental house there is no curtain rod

  3. Hii mam… m ek painting apni wall par banana chati hu jo POP se banaugi par meri wall par pehle se putty hui h to vo nikal to nahi jaye ge please bataye tabhi m start karu gi

  4. Hi I tried using fairy lights with double tape attached wit pics to it ..but it’s not staying and falling down every time ..pls help ..!

  5. I have a multi utility rack because I stay in a rented quarter..But I have no idea how to organize that as I have to store a lot of things there…Pls suggest me a remedy..

  6. You are such a sweet heart and charming talented girl i love watching your videos it gives me loads of ideas to make my home look bautiful in budget

  7. Hi di….ur ideas r simply superb hats off to u….di where I can buy these small serial lights please

  8. Hello I'm swathy from kerala. I really likes ur videos. I also doing crafts from waste materials.after seeing ur videos in so inspired to paint my bedroom.Im planning to do when my husband will be on business I can give him a surprise.The problem is that we newly attached a bathroom in our bedroom.after that the walls became wet and results in bubbles in walls that fall down .Walls became so colour stains all over the walls.before painting what shall I do to avoid moisture.i want to beautify my room.plz help me

  9. Hi, I almost watched all your video all have a creative ideas. I have booked a house near Lonavala, wondering if you would be able to do the interior for me?

  10. Nice…. can u pl suggest somthing for kitchen almiras… Actually cirmica of my almiras r in bed condition and I m not in condition to change it … what can i do with this … is there anything which I can paste on it … as I saw in one of ur vedio for wall in which u use self adhesive walk paper…. pl. Help me

  11. Hi ! I m the first time viewer of your videos… you are doing an awesome job sissyβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ i have subscribed yours… one request from my side is please do add subtitles! Thankyou and god bless

  12. Tmr sob videos ami dekhi.valo lage.Tmi lipstick ta light apply korle tmk besi valo lagbe mone hoi.try kore Dekhte paro

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