Renewable Apartment – Solar Panels in an apartment!

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Update : My setup has improved quite a bit since this video.

You don’t have to have a house to have solar panels. While this will not work for everyone who lives in an apartment it is more that possible to invest a little money and get a good return on your electric bill. This video will describe pros and cons and go over my situation.

22 thoughts on “Renewable Apartment – Solar Panels in an apartment!

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  2. Just wondering how your doing after a few years have passed? I live in an apartment community with no plans to move since we are managing the property. I’m looking into and have tinkered with small projects but ultimately want to be able to be off grid even while living in an apartment.

  3. I am moving into low rent housing.Only thing called low rent is the rent.I will replace the huge refrigerator and do not want to use the electric they believe I have to because everyone else does. So thank you.

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  5. May I ask how efficient t
    Is it running your air unit? In laymens terms?? How long can you run your unit through out the day,with Just whaT u have??

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