Removing Painted Wallpaper

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This is just a brief example of how to remove painted wallpaper as well as multiple layers of wallpaper. Although, I’m not wearing a mask in the video, I highly recommend one! There is a lot of dust involved in this project.
Also, I’m not sure that I mentioned that changing scraping angles frequently helps quite a bit. Plus, MUSIC is a must have during a project like this!! I put my IPOD and a portable player into the Sunday paper plastic sleeve to keep it clean. It’s soooo much nicer than the radio or changing out CDs all day!

9 thoughts on “Removing Painted Wallpaper

  1. I have painted wall paper over plaster walls and the quickest way i
    found was to use a belt sander with 36 grit belt to remove maybe 90% of
    the paint then wet the wall with water then use a steamer.

  2. Hi, I have run into a similar problem like this, however, when I scraped and pulled the wall paper off, I believe the outer paper of the drywall came off with it. Now, most of the wall is kind of a rough, brown papery material. Is my wall ruined? Is it possible to fix with joint compound? Thank you for your help!

  3. your videos are great, and I really appreciate the suggestions! I'm quite sensitive to strong chemicals, so my question is this: how strong is the WP Chomp?

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