Play It Cool With A Portable Misting Fan

Sometimes a fan just isn’t enough, especially if you want to play outside on a hot, muggy day.  Use a portable misting fan and no matter whether you’re playing a game of volley ball or relaxing on the deck, everyone will have cool, comfortable fun.

A portable misting fan has a stainless steel misting ring, a high-pressure pump and a powerful fan that vaporizes the water to supply a cool mist.  Combine two or more misting fans and/or portable pedestal fans to create a cooling system for larger areas.

Residential Decks and Patios:  Your deck or patio is an extension of your home but in the middle of Summer it’s generally too hot and muggy to spend much time outside.  With a portable misting fan you can enjoy your outdoor living space all summer long.

Sporting Events:  Set up the badminton net for your next backyard barbecue and don’t worry about the heat.  Your guests will have a blast playing in the cool mist from your portable fan.  Set up a misting system for the Little League playoffs, soccer games, and beach volleyball games, too.

Restaurant Patios:  Everybody likes to dine al fresco – unless it’s too hot and muggy.   Expand your patio hours and bring in more business with a cooling misting fan.

Poolside:  Whether it’s your backyard pool or the community pool at the park, everyone’s more comfortable when there’s a misting system.  Near the cabana or on the patio allows everyone to cool off, out of the pool traffic.

Shopping Malls and Flea Markets:  Outdoor shopping venues typically roll up the sidewalks when summer heat takes over.  Extend shopping hours and attract more business with misting fans in the aisles.

Schools and Daycares:  Ready to send those kids outside and let them burn off some of that energy?  Tuck a misting fan into a corner of the playground so you don’t have to worry about little ones getting overheated.  Now they can even eat lunch outside.  Ideal for use at Summer festivals, outdoor plays, botany and gardening classes, and outdoor PE classes.

Pets and Livestock:  Summertime heat is a real danger to pets and livestock.   Ideal for horse barns, chicken coops, cows and sheep, even near the dog house.

Dust Control:  Taking a hose to the yard just turns everything into mud, and you many manufacturing facilities have to meet EPA requirements for dust control  Keep dust down and improve air quality with a misting fan.

Greenhouses:  Create the perfect growing environment by using a misting fan to control moisture and humidity inside your greenhouse.

Theme Parks and Festivals:  Keep guests at your park or event longer by providing a cooler environment, especially during peak hours when lines are long and tempers are short.

Weddings and Special Events:  We often hold wedding receptions and special events in expensive and warehouse-like venues simply because they’re cooler.  Why overlook that beautiful rose garden at the park, or your very own backyard?  A misting system makes everyone comfortable no matter what the setting.

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