New!! Thrift Store Home Decor Haul

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Hello everyone! I’m so ecstatic that I finally got this video out, and in this video is the items that I purchased at my nearest Thrift Stores. I LOVE to thrift and I wanted to share with you my beautiful finds. I hope you enjoy this video and I hope I motivated you to try out your nearest Thrift Stores. If you like these types of videos give it a thumbs up and I will love to bring more to our Channel. So, grab your tea, coffee or your favorite drink and enjoy. See you soon!
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25 thoughts on “New!! Thrift Store Home Decor Haul

  1. Wow, you got great items at thrift stores! We never have things like that at our thrift stores you are so lucky.

  2. U have encourage me too start going thrifting u have beautiful decorations thanking you for hauling ur glam decorations

  3. If you find out your candle sticks are silver I have a hack for you. After you clean and dry the candle sticks apply a thin coat of Tung Oil. you can get it from Lowes or Home depot. It keeps your silver from tarnishing. You'll find it in the paint section.

  4. have a hack for you. They make glass round thingies they are called bobouches (spelling horrible) What you do is put the glass disc on top of the candle sticks and then put your taper candles in the holder. What the disc does is keep your wax from dripping on your candle stick or table. They work great. Sherry

  5. The items that you don't know for sure what they are; perhaps you could see them together with nylon thread so the thread cannot be seen and use as a table runner or atop of a fire mantel..

  6. I just found you! You are adorable! I love the stuff you have found and put together. I love the way you say you don't know about the social media stuff and your daughter will do it for you! I am English and I love to see American thrifting stuff and hear the way you speak. I just love different accents.

  7. Saw you there i said she hot something good and i was right, every thing was on point, but the ice bucket was my love, next the napkins, glad u dtopped by because i will be doing a double napkin fold for my holidays, your speaking tone sets it all , i will be watching , with God's will, keep up the good work , forever blessings in all you do

  8. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy watching your purchases. Are these from goodwill? I totally love your style and enjoy watching your videos.

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