New House Design Decisions (WK 407.2) | Bratayley

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Disclaimer: This video features gymnast doing gymnastics under the supervision of adults. Do not try this at home.

30 thoughts on “New House Design Decisions (WK 407.2) | Bratayley

  1. Everybody talks about annie and hayley and there's nothing wrong with that but am I the only one that still misses caleb deeply? RIP Caleb😞❤❤

  2. They both are so cute! Keep them safe and away from the creepy men preying on little girls and boys that appear to be nice people. Hollywood is full of pedophiles. Do some research…

  3. For future reference how too on getting balloons down, get another helium balloon with long string put duck tape folded on it so it sticks to the balloon but also is sticky side up. Then let the new ballon float up and try and get the other balloons stuck on the tape. Then you can pull them down with the long string.

  4. I don't know about you but I LOVEEEEE Annie's new room!!!!She has to add a few more stuff and I think it will look even more amazing!💙💜😁😅😀

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